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  1. Window Auto up modification

    Well ordered another 535 and it is doing the same thing. I have the big blue and small brown hooked to the green/orange down with off the switch. Brown to switch side, blue to motor side. Still will not let the window roll down on driver side. Work fine on passenger side. If I swap driver and...
  2. Window Auto up modification

    Well it looks like the 535 input is bad on the drivers side. The drivers side window would not go down but the passenger worked as it should. So I swapped the wiring from passenger to driver. Driver window works as should now the passenger does not work. Tells me the 535 does not recognize the...
  3. Window Auto up modification

    Well why I am quarantined, I finally installed the 535 and have a problem. I wired it exactly as the OP outlined. Went to programming mode by grounding the red/white wire. Both front windows were down to start. Powered up, held the up button on drivers side, after a few seconds it went up...
  4. PSI for those running BFG KM3 37 x12.5 x 17 ?

    I know you said KM3 but I run Ridge Grapplers, D load range 37’s at 28psi
  5. How May Miles on Your 3.6?

    2018 JLUR White Grill and fenders painted due to yellowing Steering box upgrade to AE and software update for the gearbox EVIC would not display odometer and would loose PRNDL digits Have lost backup camera 4 times even after software update Batteries dead
  6. How May Miles on Your 3.6?

    5900. Been on the shop 4 times
  7. Powered side steps

    Rockslides with LED kit on my JLUR. Work perfect
  8. No odometer

    They dealership replaced the Guatemalan cluster and so far, the odometer and PRND are back. Reflashed the radio again since I am still losing the backup camera. So far it is working. Still have some concern about the batteries. The said they load testified them and the are ok although the...
  9. No odometer

    Little update: The dealership is replacing the gauge cluster. That is where they said the problem lies. We with see what happens. Still have the alternator charging the batteries all the time with no stop start available (yea) and the backup camera going black. This has been reflashed 3 times...
  10. Yes $1,000 Dollars Cash If You Can Fix My Jeep Steering Problem .

    I am going to chime in. I started a Star case on the steering and paint. They agreed to install an AE gearbox in Nov 2019. It did nothing. But I saw a post on here about a bulletin that needed to applied after a gearbox change. It worked! I am sure it had to do with the sensitivity of the...
  11. No odometer

    Jeep Cares, I have contacted the dealership again. It will be going back in for the 4 time to see if they can fix it. The dealership said they would call you if needed to open a case otherwise I will
  12. No odometer

    I did on the odometer. Turned it on/off, never displayed it. It will come back. It will not display when opening the door. I’m when the Rubicon boot up on the dash comes up after starting, it is missing there so I know it will not display. Sometimes it does. It does have something to do with...
  13. No odometer

    So the radio was reflashed. Now I have lost the backup camera three times since. I lost the “N” for neutral, before it was the “P”. Now they are back. Odometer 80% of the times is not there.
  14. No odometer

    Also, all fuse/relays tight
  15. No odometer

    Yes but mine comes and goes. It is not off or on. Tonite it is working but the backup camera quit working again after a radio update last week. Went to dinner, came out and backup camera now works.
  16. How much steering play does your JL have?

    Here is an update. I had the “AE” gearbox put on back in Nov 2019 and it did not seem to help. I had this update done while it was in the shop (again) and it made it 80% better. My opinion is the electronics upgrade in the bulletin fixes the steering sensitivity, not the gearbox. The bulletin...
  17. How May Miles on Your 3.6?

    5600 miles March 2018 build. No motor issues. Steering and electronics problems. Yellowing paint. Grill and front fenders have been repainted already (white)
  18. No odometer

    Notice in the past couple of months, the odometer is missing on the screen. Then I saw the “P” in park missing. The battery (s) went dead this weekend so I charged them and took it to the dealer to have them checked out under warranty. They did a couple of software updates, batteries tested...
  19. How much steering play does your JL have?

    Got it back today. Not sure if it did anything because the wind in Dallas is blowing 25 mph. I will report later when I get a chance to drive it.