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  1. Intentsrig-JLU Sporticon

    Should be a pretty sweet setup. I too am hoping VKS starts pumping out some of their front bumpers for the JL soon.
  2. Uconnect Displays Incorrect Location with iPhone CarPlay

    Was maps working fine on your iPhones? I ask this because the last few days in an area that I drive a few times a week my iPhone maps has me all over the damn place on my phone. This might not be your issue but just throwing it out there.
  3. Will Sahara Axles hold up with true 35 S for light Offroading and no Rock Crawling ?

    I've ran 35s and 37s on my 07 JKU with the Dana 30 upfront and Dana 44 in the rear. I don't wheel hard like I did with my XJ but I've certainly taking it on some good trails and never had issues. I know how to work the skinny pedal and always remember YOU HAVE TO DRIVE IT HOME. So with that...
  4. Phoenix area dealer offering $1,000 below invoice (2%)

    When I bought my van from them about the only other discount I could get from the online price was military. What they post is what they sale em for. Honestly though their pricing isn’t bad if your looking to grab something off the lot. I’m going to try to swing in sometime this week to see what...
  5. Why a hard top headliner?

    I have the DEI Boom Mat headliner in my JK. For the longest time I just kinda figured it was a gimmick type item but finally caved after moving to PHX. Yup, they work. Helps with temp. control and brings down the road noise as well. Also, just helps your radio sound so much better.
  6. Best deals found on a new JL?

    Might have to go home to AR to buy me a Jeep: Kim @ Superior pricing: 2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon Base-No extras $37460.35 OTD This price includes military and tread lightly discounts.
  7. GREAT Deal on JLU from Superior Dodge/Jeep in Conway, AR

    Do you happen to know what the additional $1k is? You said it's cash so I don't see it being a down payment. Did you put a $1k deposit down and that's it?
  8. Los Angeles Area Pricing

    Did you ever get an answer if Dillon would also do Tread Lightly?
  9. SoCal/AZ/NV JL Buyers!

    Heard from Antonio this evening via email on an inquiry I sent to Mariana. If anyone is wondering. Base Rubicon with Premium Soft Top: $38,945 + taxes + fees. This is also with military and treadlightly.
  10. Phoenix area dealer offering $1,000 below invoice (2%)

    All I can say is best of luck to ya and hopefully they'll make a deal you want. I seriously walked out the door over like $400 at the end of the day. On top of that I was in my military uniform in the lobby giving my sales guy the knife hand for screwing up on the trade-in stuff. Ahh...that was...
  11. Phoenix area dealer offering $1,000 below invoice (2%)

    Desert protection package is what they call it...supposedly some type of wax/protectant they put on. Doubt it is anything special. Also pre-pay for your first 3 oil changes. We had a trade-in value disagreement when buying our van. Internet manager offered $14.2k for our Lincoln and once Glen...
  12. Phoenix area dealer offering $1,000 below invoice (2%)

    This is why I refuse to deal with Larry H. Miller. The Surprise dealership is near my house and I tried to give them my business when buying my wife's van, but all the B.S. they add on that can hardly be explained drove me out. Being military Glen Coe did cut 50% off the add-ons but it just...
  13. Recommended Dealers List

    I know in some cases to get these prices people are financing with Chrysler and are only allowed to put down $10k. Has anyone had any luck getting close to these prices using their own financing and putting down more? My wife works for a credit union, so they aren't going to touch the rate we...
  14. Rebel Off Road JL Build

    What's the skinny on the rack? Is this something already in production or coming into production? Looks fun.
  15. Phoenix area dealer offering $1,000 below invoice (2%)

    Good to know. I bought my wife's Chrysler Pacifica from them in Oct. and had a good experience with them after wanting to beat the mess out of Larry H Miller folks. I like they don't add on bullshit like "desert protection package" that the damn GM couldn't even explain.
  16. Frontal camera, anyone considered yet for uconnect?

    My wifes 2018 Chrysler Pacifica has one. So it wouldn't be to far fetched to just borrow that setup since it's also a Uconnect system. Mostly there for the autopark feature that we never use..
  17. BonusDrive $500 Cash Back Offer

    We bought a 2017 Pacifica and got $800 from the BonusDrive program. So yes, it is legit. I think it took around 6 weeks for the check to arrive.