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  1. JL Rubicon on Method Wheels...let's see em!

    these are the 312s
  2. Post Your 3.0 Pics

    Haven't posted these here :) @white.rubicon on ig
  3. JL Rubicon on Method Wheels...let's see em!

    Just got these :) @white.rubicon on instagram
  4. “Service shifter” wire harness issue

    Thanks! I'll be checking that asap.
  5. “Service shifter” wire harness issue

    Excuse my ignorance, which wire is it in the photo? I'm still kind of new to this. Thanks!
  6. JL diesel lift kit?

    Looks like the dealer installed the 3.6 mopar lift for you
  7. Show Off Your Scenic Jeep Photos

    The first photo is Black River Rd up by 118 past Minden, second one is a camp site on Crystal Lake trail
  8. Tazer JL - Z Automotive, seeks 3.0D for tests - New York area

    Does winch mode cancel when you step on the accelerator?
  9. Block Heater Cord Options

    Got the NOCO GCP1E 6ft, wasn't about to drill a 2 in hole so just zip tied it behind the bumper. Make sure to put some dielectric grease on it and tape up the connection in the bay(at least thats what I did).
  10. Tazer JL - Z Automotive, seeks 3.0D for tests - New York area

    Just tested it out, let me say that it does work(except for cool down). However it's a little glitchy. Sometimes the winch mode will not engage and will not disengage. Takes a while to get in and out of the modes. Tried reving to get out of winch mode did not work. Tried putting in gear as well...
  11. JL diesel lift kit?

    I have the Dynatrac lift, talked to them and the only difference is that it came with an axle side spacer. This is with 37s. I measured before the lift, don't think I've gained more then 1/8th of an inch in the front which was a bit disappointing. Had to put spacers to level it out.(with spacers)
  12. MetalCloak plate relocation. Am I asking too much.

    Just saw you had the metalcloak rear bumper, how are you liking it? How did it hold up to the trails? Any potential for it to damage the body?
  13. 3.0 MODS - Show em off

    Added an extension for the block heater since its getting cold, did not want to open the hood each time I needed to plug in. Not wanting to drill a 2 inch hole so zip ties will do for now.
  14. Dynatrac EnduroSport lift review, just buy it...

    For those who has the Dynatrac lift, did you have to relocate the driver side hard line out of the clip behind the frame? Not comfortable with it rubbing another line..