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  1. 4xE Order Status??

    Just got the text from the dealer, my Jeep just got dropped off. Flying out on Saturday to pick it up. I have a garage full of stuff ready to install on to it.
  2. How many people have already bought and traded in their Gladiators?

    The day I bought my fully loaded Rubicon it's sticker was $61k and I got it for $56k, that same day they were shipping a nice looking Mojave to a guy in California that the dealership sold for about $61k. The guy bought it in Texas and had it shipped back to him in California and shipped his...
  3. How many people have already bought and traded in their Gladiators?

    My Gladiator was only 6 inches shorter than my wife’s Suburban, and yes it was a tight fit in the garage. I hated not being able to walk behind my car with the garage door down to get something out of the tool chest or get into the driver side of the Gladiator to grab something. First world...
  4. How many people have already bought and traded in their Gladiators?

    I bought a 2020 fully loaded Gladiator Rubicon in August of last year after trading in my 2014 JKU Sahara. I really loved it at first and then after about a month or two really started missing the enclosed cargo space of a 4 door wrangler. I know everyone says "Just put a cargo cover or topper...
  5. 4xE Order Status??

    Ditto, mine was ordered 2/6 and I still do not have it. Maybe by this weekend.
  6. Mopar AUX Switch Install Help needed (Bought a Non Rubicon model 82215190AB by mistake)

    I bought it from a forum member. I am pretty sure it will work just fine. I will just have a black Aux button instead of a silver one which should not be bad at all.
  7. Alert to Potential for Damage to Back of Head Rest by Battery Screws!

    @robynE Can you please post a picture of where the screws are? I have not taken delivery of mine yet but it would be nice to know where they are so I can try to plan on putting something over the screws to prevent this from the beginning. I will be putting the seats up and down a lot and want to...
  8. Mopar AUX Switch Install Help needed (Bought a Non Rubicon model 82215190AB by mistake)

    Thanks, My main concern now will be why they replaced the model I have with the current model. I will give Mopar a call and see. The video on this link seems to make it sound like the only difference is the cubby piece and black trim on the non rubicon version vs the no cubby and silver trim on...
  9. Mopar AUX Switch Install Help needed (Bought a Non Rubicon model 82215190AB by mistake)

    Hey everyone, I have searched the internet and this forum and have not been able to find the answer to my question. I bought a Aux Switch to install in my Rubicon from a Forum member and did not even realize that there was a Rubicon model and a Non Rubicon model. From what I can see on the two...
  10. New Adventure park in Texas panhandle

    Wow this is literally 15 mins from where I live. Good to know.
  11. Texas Mopar Auxiliary Switch Bank (82215190AB) plus cabin and oil filter

    How hard is this to install?
  12. Tazer JL mini and the 4Xe

    Nothing new has been added but like was posted a few comments up, follow the link to add suggestions.
  13. 4xE Order Status??

    I am hoping my sales person is reading the shipping website wrong and it arrives earlier. Every time I ask for an update it is still in the parking lot in Illinois. I have been in "shipping" since 3/29. I finally got an update today that it is on a train, but the ETA keeps moving out. Seeing...
  14. Question for new 4XE owners, is this normal?

    Sounds like a weed eater. I would take it by the dealership and let them hear it. If that was what every 4Xe sounded like you would have had a lot of angry new owners talking about here for sure.
  15. Tazer 392 Beta

    Anybody know how to install the new beta onto the the Tazer JL? I open the Tazer program on my computer and it says that I already have the most up to date firmware (11.2.5). When I download the beta file the computer doesn’t know how to open the .zfw file.
  16. 4xE Order Status??

    Gonna have to see some pictures, no teasing us with facts and stories.
  17. Driving the 4xe, thoughts, info and more!

    I have looked into that and they do not have any rebates at the time, just the federal tax credit for purchase and install. I wish they had a rebate
  18. What level 2 home charger are y'all installing for the 4Xe?

    It seems like most of the reviews are from people in Canada (where it is manufactured). Does anyone currently use this brand and have a thought on how well it works? I am kind of leaning this route as it is quite a bit cheaper than the Chargepoint and the Juicebox units. It doesn't have the...
  19. Driving the 4xe, thoughts, info and more!

    Done, I just started the new thread.