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  1. Guide me here... I'm a life-long manual transmission driver & I am considering making the change to automatic only because I want the diesel! Crazy?

    I think it has been said well already, but to echo other’s thoughts. The ZF 8 speed auto is the highlight of the vehicle. Very slick, and it always seems to know what gear I want to be in.
  2. How to keep the neighborhood stray cats from sleeping in my doorless Jeep?

    It works well. My cats were scratching the window screen constantly, stupidly thinking they could catch birds through the window. A bit of foil on the ledge scared them off.
  3. Track Bar brace AND new steering box?

    I am curious ... for those who had installed a Synergy Track Bar brace and then had the TSB steering upgrade done, did you bother to put the brace back on? If so, make any difference?
  4. Overlanding | Trade JT For 2 Door--Am I Crazy?

    That is a big drop in space to carry stuff. I adore my 2 door but unless you plan on taking out the backseats, it really doesn’t hold a lot.
  5. Steering issues cured by installing new Steering gear box! (per TSB 08-074-20)

    Quick question, being that you are from a spot that does see a relatively cold winter .... did the problem seem much, much less on a cold day? I have only had my Jeep for a few months and the first warm day of ownership was Saturday. Thought I was going to get into an accident ... booked for...
  6. New JL Steering Issue TSB 08-074-20 (for "Improved Steering Feel")

    I have my appointment for Wednesday morning. I just bought my Jeep in February and after a cold winter, Saturday was the first day over 70F since I bought it ... now I see what the fuss is about. quick question to any Canadians who have had it done ... did you have the same part delays as many...
  7. Any stock Sport/Sahara owners having steering issues?

    Thanks for your response. Coming from a sports sedan, I knew not to compare them equally. My steering has not had any wobbles or serious wandering. I’m still getting used to a solid-axle vehicle, as this is my first Wrangler. I do know that the vast majority of JL owners are likely either...
  8. Who has found the best wipers ?

    Bosch for me, but have also used RainX with success in the past
  9. Any stock Sport/Sahara owners having steering issues?

    I read through many of the countless posts on the JL steering issues. Repeatedly, I saw the words, “Rubicon,” “lifted,” “riding on 35s,” and “KO2s.” Are any non-lifted Sport/Sahara owners on non-aggressive tires having the issues? Or am I the only one on here with that setup In the first place?
  10. Winches on Mall Crawlers?

    I noticed the OP lives in Phoenix, which is a great city, but one that tends to be on the warmer side. Ask someone from Salt Lake, Denver or a cold weather state ... they have likely used their winch to get their neighbour unstuck so that they can get to work.
  11. Service Rip Off? Yes in my opnoin what do you think:-)

    Not sure why they don’t just say inspect, which is all they would likely be doing. Bad marketing terminology here.
  12. Service Rip Off? Yes in my opnoin what do you think:-)

    I normally am sceptical about the dealership, but they may not be wrong here. Fluids do break down over time, so it might not be the biggest overreach to change it. However, doesn’t mean you need to have the dealership do it. It is easier than changing your car’s oil, so for the cost of the...
  13. Total NOOB question

    Evening everyone - I spent over an hour searching and could not find a good answer .... I have a very stock 2 door Sport (no lift, stock AT tires). I do a lot of mountain running, but rarely have to drive over terrain that a Camry could not handle. While I am not having any major steering...
  14. No Jeep waves here :(

    Is there an easy way to identify a Sahara from the front? If so, I won’t bother to wave at them, as it is mostly soccer moms who don’t wave back. 4 door Rubicons and just about all 2 doors wave back ...
  15. Guess I should have ordered a Ford Bronco!

    Am I the only one who expects my wife to have brought me the beer already open? 😀
  16. 2 door vs. 4 door sales

    i see a TJ Unlimited when I take my kids to practice. I think if you offered that size to many 4 door owners, many would go for it. But, Jeep has no motivation to do so.
  17. What does Stellantis mean for Jeep going forward?

    I did a post that turned into over 100 comments on the future of the 2 door. The gist was that locally where I am, 2 doors made up less than 8% of the available inventory. With numbers that low, it becomes tougher for Stellantis to invest hundreds of millions to redesign the 2 door when the...
  18. Am I Crazy to want to keep Stock Wheels?

    If it makes you smile, then go for it. Unless it is those weird eyes on the lights ...
  19. What were they thinking?

    Ok, before you slam me, I do know that it is a Wrangler and not a Lexus ... But, when you are paying north of 50K for your ride ... My only complaint is a lack of QA at the factory. A driver going home from the dealership with a new car should not have to push down all of their fuses to ensure...
  20. What does Stellantis mean for Jeep going forward?

    The biggest concern is that each transaction takes Jeep away from its roots. Stellantis sees Jeep as a business and not as a passion thing. So, they will try to maximize profits through Jeep and Ram. The best thing to keep them interested in improving the Wrangler is to see the vast majority...