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  1. Security Related Accessories / Theft Prevention

    Wow! That's a lot of worry about security. I removed the dealer installed wheel locks, and threw them away. Just don't want to deal with that if I need to change a tire on the trail. The entire time I have the soft top on, I don't even lock the doors.
  2. Start/stop not ready, battery charging

    If the battery is bad, and it's under warranty, get it replaced.
  3. Freedom Winch Line?

    Incorporating a soft shackle into the end of the winch line isn’t a terrible idea, but there has to be a way to replace it. I’ve damaged a couple of soft shackles, and had to replace them, but the line on my winch is still the same one in use. Having to replace a $500 winch line because the soft...
  4. Milestar dealer in Ontario?

    Off-road Rehab in Windsor.
  5. Jeep Announces Jeep 4xe Charging Network

    Electrify America is Volkswagen. It's part of what they are doing after the whole "Dieselgate" thing. Maybe they can work together on a new TDI LOL!
  6. hmmm... Some dealerships, and some sales people. Horrible sales pitch.

    I agree with most of what you said, though I have dealt with a knowledgeable and competent salesman before. Unfortunately he's since retired and moved on. I just wanted to share this experience so if anyone in my area is thinking of dealing with this dealership or salesperson, they have an...
  7. Lifts and LocTite....

    Nice to see Rancho cares so much about people with sensitive skin. LOL!
  8. hmmm... Some dealerships, and some sales people. Horrible sales pitch.

    PSA (and a little rant). . . Always know who you're dealing with. Everyone is always looking for that good car dealership to do business with, or that salesperson that will "go the extra mile". Well... This isn't it. I got the unsolicited email below in the middle of the night March 24, 2021...
  9. Drawing a total blank...
  10. Windshield wires??

    Is there a part number on the cover? Never got one with my Jeep.
  11. Spring and shock mounting order/sequencing/placement

    They were tagged with the part numbers when they left the manufacturer. Whether those tags are still present when you bought them used from someone else... Who knows.
  12. Can I still use stock Rubicon Wheels?

    A 1.75" adapter should do the trick. Get a good brand, like Synergy, Bora, or Spidertrax. Some shops won't mount 37X12.5-17 on the stock wheels because they are only 7.5" wide, so just make sure you already know a shop that will.
  13. Can I use a mopar gladiator lift on my 2018 wrangler sport?

    If it's a lift designed for the Gladiator... No. The rear shocks and springs are different.
  14. 2 PSI discrepancy?

    You said " external tire gauges" if you have more than one, and they agree with each other, go by them. To be honest 2PSI isn't much and you could easily see that much change between a warmer and colder day.
  15. Best LED Headlight Recommendations

    Headlights are about safety and vision. Colour changing etc... doesn’t help functionality. The OEM LEDs are very good.
  16. 2021 Half Door Pricing

    For sure. Even online pricing can vary.
  17. Rock Lights

    The KC Cyclone make good rock lights. They are plenty bright, to see what's beneath you on the trail, and are easy to mount in various locations.
  18. Did I find the perfect wheels/tires for the JLU Sport?

    Sounds like you got the perfect wheel and tire setup for you. Which is all that's important.
  19. How to stop scratches in thick scrub?

    We have a few local trails that have the odd water hole. LOL!
  20. How to stop scratches in thick scrub?

    There are a couple of deeper spots. A little trail knowledge gets you through though.