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  1. JL Fender Gap Collects Debris

    Aluminum corrodes and so does the aluminum on the JL, common enough wee have 75+ pages about it.
  2. Jeep Roll Fallacy

    I am reminded of the Ford Exploder and Firestone Flip-A-Stone.
  3. My new JLU was rear ended in a light accident

    If they insulted me like that, I wouldn't settle for anything less then the bumper of my choice or I look at costing them the most money even if I get nothing... Looks at AEV website :rock:
  4. Looking to order 2021 80th Anniversary 2 dr.

    Go bold... I actually thought Sting Gray was unique until I bought it, now I see them everywhere now. But I still like it. My second choice was Sarge Green and 3rd was Hella Yella (if I had ordered, probably would have went this route)
  5. Looking to order 2021 80th Anniversary 2 dr.

    I actually use to be an authorized installer (in my early to mid 20's I did upholstery; now work in aviation) and I find Katzkin to be great value. To the point, I wouldn't do it from scratch for basic designs. I am happy with their quality and it's just more efficient to go that route... But...
  6. How many people have already bought and traded in their Gladiators?

    If my bank will give me a loan, I wouldn't say no either :involve:
  7. Looking to order 2021 80th Anniversary 2 dr.

    I wouldn't get the headliner option. I feel I could do something of better quality and cooler for similar or less money... Same reason I am putting Katzkin in my Jeep.
  8. Today was the day - took possession of my new 4XE!! :)

    I'm more curious about how much 37's will negatively affect electric driving range. While I'm not a huge fan of electric vehicles, I feel they would be great for stay at home moms with charging stations at home.
  9. My new JLU was rear ended in a light accident

    I thought I found your hitter... Nope, just another new Audi being crashed on its way to the new owner.
  10. Did anybody ever suggest a trade for your Jeep?

    A lot of us talk the shit, but in reality we wouldn't escalate spiting on personal property to pissing on theirs or beating some rear... We don't want to catch a felony or even a misdemeanor if we don't already have one. For me, it would cost me way to much for everything I work for and enjoy...
  11. Proximity locks & impatient wife

    Plus she will now have full use to drivers seat while the OP makes the payment from the room he's renting at his buddies house. If he's lucky, he can afford a XJ.
  12. How to keep the neighborhood stray cats from sleeping in my doorless Jeep?

    Cat rug or drone will scare all other cats away. Dead serious, well the rodent would need to be...
  13. How to keep the neighborhood stray cats from sleeping in my doorless Jeep?

    Cat rug, make an appointment at your local taxidermist for your catch.
  14. Proximity locks & impatient wife

    I guess living in hotels and waking up in different city/state every other week isn't exactly attractive to the ladies when you don't own a home.
  15. Proximity locks & impatient wife

    I wish I had a door to open for cute women in my life...
  16. Winches on Mall Crawlers?

    The punisher logo appears to be a hitch cover to me.
  17. Proximity locks & impatient wife

    Every rental car I had through work that came with proximity entry has been finicky. To the point I knew when buying something for myself, I refused to get one with it. Same for radar guided cruise control... I do like push button start, that's kinda nice to not have keys touching my knees.
  18. Need opinions.

    Used truck prices are up there and I maybe more inclined to get the Gladiator for this reason alone. In my experience, getting a second car for work is rarely worth it... Extra insurance, maintenance and depreciation kills it. Now if it's a want and you can afford it, that's different. But...
  19. Key FOB: one or two with new Rubicon JLU 2021>

    Lots of companies would ding you on trade in also. I know I would take at least $500 if I was buying a used a vehicle with one key. So I would stay on top of the dealer to get with FCA on getting a second key. EDIT: Or whatever Chrysler is called these days...
  20. Key FOB: one or two with new Rubicon JLU 2021>

    I received two. But a colleague of my is in the process of buying a TRX, dealer have informed him it only comes with one key and FCA will send a second later. Apparently a chip shortage is affecting key supply. I imagine it's across the board and very recent.