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  1. Installing The Front Camera and Roku (Follow)

    Did they ever unlock the video input on the Tazer to allow ROKA installation for original poster?
  2. Let's see photos of where you mounted your fire extinguisher!

    If you require the full range of fore-aft movement of the driver seat (for any short drivers) then the mount gets in the way. If you don't plan on pushing the seat past the edge of the rail then it will work for you. Another solution is to hard mount the E50 on the plastic cover underneath where...
  3. Let's see photos of where you mounted your fire extinguisher!

    After much thought I ended up with an element E50 mounted on an under seat bracket like below. Feels better having it within reach in case of an emergency.
  4. Installing The Front Camera and Roku (Follow)

    Sounds good. Will do the camera for now and the Apple TV later once firmware available. Question for you, the JL instructions on Tazer website only mention pinning 24 and 25 for cargo camera without going into DVD or audio inputs. The generic A/V instructions include 8,9,10,21 and 22. Did you...
  5. Toronto area off road trails

    I think the trails close on December 1st according to OF4WD so not much to do until May. Here are a few pictures from this week's trip up north for the Norland Hydro run:
  6. Installing The Front Camera and Roku (Follow)

    Excellent camera location. Very OEM and away from the dirt that the bumper location is susceptible to. Your camera choice seems like the next best thing to waiting for an OEM JT camera to retrofit into JL. It would have been a home run if you got the DVD input working. Did Tazer tell you there...
  7. It has been confirmed I have a rear main seal leak! Unreal!

    Rear main seal on 2018 Rubicon 3.6 needs replacement at 13,000km. Dealer out of stock on the part. One more data point for future reference.
  8. JLU AMP Powerstep?

    Coming soon it seems. Part number has gone live: 75132-01A
  9. Roll Call Canadians

    From Toronto, one white JLUR. Ordered mid January, delivered mid March. Checked all the option boxes except for soft top and body colored roof/fenders. Used my local Toronto Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep dealer on Front street to place order. Managed to do some parks in Pennsylvania in the summer...
  10. Uconnect "Favorites" function just STOPPED working. Help!

    Same issues with favourites and freezing screen for the last 6 months since taking delivery. Freezing perhaps once very week or two. Favourites bug happens every other day almost. No clear trend to make out. Hoping the ORP update will fix but not holding breath.
  11. Keyless Enter-N-Go - Passive Entry

    I tried removing the F10 fuse (KIN/RFHub) but it seems to have made things worse if anything. The keyless entry/lock continues to misbehave very often and at random but when the dealer tries to replicate the problem he can't. Frustrating and no solution in sight until Jeep acknowledges there is...
  12. Keyless Enter-N-Go - Passive Entry

    Also experiencing delayed response during morning keyless unlock. Remote start not used so not a factor. Red LED on the key blinks every time I have my hand on the handle, but sometimes the car unlocks and other times it doesn't unlock; in both cases red LED on light responds. After the initial...
  13. Canadian Ordering Experiences

    Placed order Jan 27th through Toronto Chrysler Dodge Jeep. Picked up March 19th.
  14. Bike Rack Options??

    One more Hollywood SR1 rack on JLU. No problems installing the rack after loosening the 3rd brake light with T25 torx as above. Had to add some protection for wheel on bottom of rack U-section to avoid scratching wheel. Ideally black split rubber donuts would do the job with 1" inner diameter...