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  1. MaxTrax Mounting Pins on Thule Wing Bar Evo

    Wow, thank you @DadJokes and @Overland_Texas ! I don't actually have my MaxTrax boards yet, so it hadn't occurred to me that they might be practically stored inside. I like that for security too. And I will definitely check out your solutions, Overland_Texas. Thanks again! Myron
  2. MaxTrax Mounting Pins on Thule Wing Bar Evo

    I have a pair of MaxTrax recovery boards on order and would like to mount them on my Thule Wing Bar Evo using the MaxTrax mounting pins. MaxTrax says this won't work, but I'm thinking it might be possible to modify the mounting pins to work. I don't imagine there are too many people who...
  3. Floor mat

    I have the same WeatherTech and it works great. I left the cutout in place for the subwoofer (ie, didn't cut it out) and it doesn't make a difference to the stereo's sound at all. I did cut little slits for the luggage tie-downs, which makes them available for use and also secures the mat and...
  4. Cargo Liner with factory Sub?

    I use a WeatherTech floor mat in the back of mine and just put it right on top of the subwoofer without cutting out a hole for it. I figure it's a subwoofer, not a tweeter or mid-range, so what difference could it make? Turns out it makes zero difference, and I like knowing that it's...
  5. articulating off road trailer hitch

    I just went out to the garage and checked mine. It's a lock-n-roll brand too. Honestly, it couldn't be simpler to hitch it up. I've been super pleased with mine in the 12-ish years I've owned it, and another advantage over a conventional hitch ball is that it's much quieter.
  6. articulating off road trailer hitch

    I use the same one ChevyMitchell uses. Can't remember what it's called though. I bought it in 2008 for my Land Rover trailer, and now use it for the Jeep.
  7. Fleximounts ceiling lift

    Hi Brian, Thanks! It was a fun project. And now I just have to hurry up and wait for my RTT to arrive, an AutoHome Columbus. Because I want to be able to lower the RTT directly down onto my trailer (most likely setup) or my Jeep (2nd option), I think I'll be replacing the wire basket with...
  8. Fleximounts ceiling lift

    I got my Fleximount installed today and I have to say I'm very impressed with the quality. I ordered it from Amazon, and FedEx delivery was included. It was on my porch just a few days later and I installed it the same day. Installation instructions are very clear, and the process took me...
  9. Storage bags for 2-door JL

    I have the Overland Outfitters bags and like them. There is a thread on this topic where you can see pics of mine over on the Interior Mods forum.
  10. Wrangler Sky One-Touch small tear and puncture hole from garage gate - repair ideas help needed

    I have a friend with a TJ. The soft top had worn thin where it stretched over the back bar. He ran a length of Gorilla brand rubber sealing tape down it and it did the trick. This is not the ordinary Gorilla Tape; it's an actual thin rubber membrane with some kind of super duper adhesive that...
  11. Fleximounts ceiling lift

    I just ordered a Fleximount. Got tired of waiting for the Racor to become available for a reasonable price. I'll report on how the Fleximount works with my RTT when I have it installed and working.
  12. Clutch recall and fix question

    Nope, no date was given. In fact, it didn't even say that there was a solution (like a software update). All it said was that no solution had been identified yet and that they would get back in touch with me when there was one. I love my Jeep, but this is hardly what I'd call...
  13. Seat covers

    Hi Frankyz, Sorry I missed your post. No, I did not have to remove my seats to get the Carhartt covers on, but I can totally see how this might make it easier. The problem is these little straps that pass from front to back under the seat and have to be cinched down. It was a bit of a...
  14. Clutch recall and fix question

    Mine's a 2020, which I ordered in May and took delivery of in July of last year. As soon as I knew my VIN, I checked it against FCA's list of VINs affected by the clutch recall. I was pleased to see it wasn't on the list. Then about a month ago I get the recall notice in the mail. So now...
  15. Rubicon takeoff wheels, no tpms reading?

    Forgot to add that I rotated the summer tires from their positions last year, including the spare.
  16. Rubicon takeoff wheels, no tpms reading?

    I had this problem today. Took my winter wheels/tires off and put my summer wheels/tires on. All the sensors but one woke up and were fine. Tried these things, but to no avail: - Remove spare and set aside. - Deflate all four tires to 20 psi. - Drive around for a while (the Jeep recognized...
  17. Any cordura or neoprene seat cover that doesn't have mole system on the back?

    I have Cover Craft co-branded with Carhartt and love them.
  18. Seat covers

    I just got a pair of the CoverCraft Carhartt seat covers, and they are awesome. Fit and construction are top notch. Quadratec claims they're made in the USA, although there's nothing on them saying where they are made. Anyway, I would totally order them again.
  19. Winter Wheels/Tires

    I don't think that the winter damage to alloy wheels is quite so drastic. Certainly a set of alloys will last as long as the vehicle itself. I have used both alloy wheels and steel wheels on my winter sets for the last 30 years and the alloys stay nicer looking longer than the steelies...
  20. Wheel & Tire Advice

    I bought a set of Gladiator Rubicon wheels and put KO2's on them. I'll use the original wrangler granite crystal wheels for my winter tires.