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  1. DEF Usage

    I refilled mine last night for the first time at around 3,700 miles. I was 300ish miles from a restart. 2.5 gallons filled it up to 3/4 of a tank. I was thinking maybe it wasn't topped off on the first fill but after reading some on here my use seems somewhat typical.
  2. Key FOB: one or two with new Rubicon JLU 2021>

    Could be shortage but have you checked the bag with the manual? I was walking out and realized I didn’t have a 2nd key and they had it in the bag.
  3. Sale on Jeep parts?

    Nothing but positive things to say about Northridge. Given the state of the industry their site is great with accurate information on availability and they are fantastic if you need assistance with questions.
  4. Got my GPCA hand grips

    Hope you can make it work...good luck and keep us posted
  5. Got my GPCA hand grips

    Now that you have had it awhile...thoughts? How accessible is the pouch with the roof on?
  6. Cleanest Phone Mount Solution

    I just used the universal phone mount and the grab bar flange with coupler but I think they pulled all the grab bar options at this time
  7. Backup Park Assist Alarm question

    My sensors are angry after putting new wheels on today. I think I can just disable the with the Tazer but what options are available with change? My Tazer is in route so can’t play with it...just curious? “Enable/Disable/Change Parksense configuration”
  8. Cleanest Phone Mount Solution

    No issues what so ever. It’s solid. My plan was to try this out and add more. First BP purchase but will add more. I wanted 67D but gave up on availability and wasn’t disappointed one bit.
  9. Cleanest Phone Mount Solution

    That sucks...I really like the position of mine. Down and out of line of sight and out of the glaring sun.
  10. Washington Replacement front bumper for JL Rubicon

    Another vote for LOD. I went with the Destroyer stubbie. I had the plastic Rubicon bumper and the LED fogs fit beautifully. Super heavy duty product that was easy to install. It honestly took me longer to get the old one off than to bolt up the LOD. One other thing worth mentioning...I have...
  11. Doors Off Mirror Options (EMP or Mopar?)

    Keep us posted...they look good for $99.
  12. West Virginia Set of 4 King shocks

    The one box says Ford front. What are the part numbers?
  13. Cleanest Phone Mount Solution

    Good luck...absolutely love mine. Let me know how you make out.
  14. Cleanest Phone Mount Solution

    These are the grab handle options and then pick your device holder. The one shown above with the radio is the flange with coupler.
  15. Cleanest Phone Mount Solution

    It’s super sturdy. Not sure if you would need a short arm to give it some clearance. I think it would fit no problem but you might run out of room to set it at the right angle. Here it is with the phone mount.
  16. Cleanest Phone Mount Solution

    I have this grab bar setup from BulletPoint with the phone mount. Absolutely love it. About $50 with 10% off coupon and keeps the phone down low.
  17. Crazy deals on all sizes of Mickey Thompson ATZ P3s, get em now!

    Looks like the 37s are out of stock...if anyone runs across some at these prices please let me know.
  18. Fuel Filler Discriminator, Ecodiesel

    Haven’t had a need for it yet but just checked and mine was there too. Thanks for the heads up. 👍🏽
  19. Northeast Ohio, Southington Off Road Park

    I need to check out Southington this summer.
  20. question: how to get wires to top of dash

    Are you guys happy with the Bullet Point stuff? Looks pretty solid. I have been waiting for the 67D to come back in stock but might have to order up tonight with BP.