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  1. Buyers remorse?

    No regrets whatsoever My JL is a great vehicle I set it up with a Roadmaster base plate and ReadyBrake / ReadyBrute tow setup and usi it as a daily driver and towed behind our Winnebago Vista. The 2.0 turbo coupled with the 8 speed auto trans is a great setup. Being the first year of both, I...
  2. Best Setup for RV Flat Tow

    I went with the Roadmaster base plate and Roadmaster wiring kit. I used the ReadyBrute tow bar setup and the Ready Brake break away kit The baseplate kit was very well matched to the JL and I measured and used a hole saw the keep the shield minimally cut for a super clean install look
  3. lifetime or 7/100 warranty-help me decide.

    I bought a 2.0Turbo and plan on keeping it a long time so I bought the lifetime extended warranty The new engine with turbo and 8 speed trans and eDrive along with all the electronics present the posability of repair expense well in excess of the extended warranty cost
  4. Can the JL be flat towed behind an RV ?

    I installed a Roadmaster base plate as it just barely pokes out of the plastic shielding below the bumper without the arms attached, although instead of making large cutouts per the instructions, I elected to measure carefully and just use a hole saw to be more precise. Ready Brute is the way...
  5. Purchasing a New JK vs. a JL?

    Odd that no one has brought up the 2.0 turbo with more TORQUE AND more HP at the lower RPM We love the drivability AND better MPG
  6. flat tow

    Headlights or running lights on when towing or the turn and brake signals won’t work together Why not use the Aux power (center pin on a 7 pin connector on the tow vehicle and center pin A terminal on a 6 pin connector? Then the relay would actuate any tine the tow vehicle is connected, not...
  7. flat tow

    When installing the Roadmaster 88400 on a 2018 JL Which fuse is the brake light (stop light) switch fuse? It is not listed on the fuse box cover diagram. Instructions say, due to the push button start, to follow the “B” instructions which power the relay by timing into the tail light wiring...
  8. Anyone have 2.0 Turbo regret?

    Also we own a Hyundai Santa Fe Sport with 2.0 turbo AWD and have over 30,000 miles using regular fuel (mostly from Costco) with zero pinging or any issues. And have now Are doing the same with the JL seeing no performance issues at all.
  9. Anyone have 2.0 Turbo regret?

    No regrets. Runs great and the extra torque at much lower rpm is very noticeable I did however buy the lifetime unlimited miles and term warranty with a 100 deductible so I am covered as long as I own the Jeep. And I plan to keep it a long time