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  1. tailpipe

    anyone drop the tailpipe with the square "sound chamber" and see what it sounds like? I see they make a tailpipe replacement to get rid of the "sound chamber"... Bravo
  2. DIY Gear Swap - Step by Step Pic's - Rubicon 4.88

    Everything is back together and only a few extra parts left over😂😂... seriously... stock shim... good pattern and drives nice... Thanks fir the help... Bravo
  3. DIY Gear Swap - Step by Step Pic's - Rubicon 4.88

    Thank you for the responses... headed out to the garage to put the stock shim in and run a pattern Bravo
  4. DIY Gear Swap - Step by Step Pic's - Rubicon 4.88

    Yes thousands is correct... so maybe I’m trying to hard to get it right without guessing so with what you’re saying which makes sense if the old is .058 and the new pinion is marked .011 and the original shim was .048 then I should subtract the .011 from the original shim thickness and use .037...
  5. DIY Gear Swap - Step by Step Pic's - Rubicon 4.88

    In the middle of installing 4.56’s from 3.73... 2020 rubicon diesel... anyway... completed the front with no issues and now I’m on the rear axle... installed everything tightened carrier bearings and differential won’t turn... I’m assuming pinion depth is too deep and here’s what I did so y’all...
  6. Bench top press for gear change?

    Does anyone have experience with a bench top press for swapping out bearings? Looking to save space and use a bench top press like the one from HF if it will work... Bravo
  7. How often do you replace brakes?

    Depends on driving style... my wife will go thru brake pads three times as fast as I would... 😂😂
  8. How often is your diesel regenerating?

    I’ve seen one in 8000... only because the EVIC showed it was regenning and it also informed me when it was complete...
  9. Granite Crystal vd Sting Sting Gray

    I’ve had sting gray and currently own granite crystal... GC doesn’t look as dirty when it’s dirty and scratches aren’t as visible as scratches on sting gray
  10. Anybody re-gearing their diesel?

    Never installed them... going 4.56 next month
  11. Diesel Lift Kit?

    JKS 3.5 on 37’s
  12. Diesel RPM on Highway

    37’s 8th gear 3.73’s approx 1800 rpm @80 mph
  13. Anybody re-gearing their diesel?

    Im running 37's with the stock 3.73's right now but just purchased used 4.10's to throw in the pumpkins... using the new tire/old tire/stock ration formula it comes out 4.18 for a new ratio... the 3.0 doesn't notice the 37's are under it but i wanted 4.10's to up the rpm's a few hundo to get...
  14. Arizona 4.10 gears for sale

    sold... sent u a text
  15. Arizona 4.10 gears for sale

    sorry... $200 shipped...
  16. Arizona 4.10 gears for sale

    $150 with 2k miles on them... $200 shipped
  17. Idaho WTB 4.10 gearsets front and back for Rubicon axles

    I have a 2020 JLU Rubicon with the diesel and I'm looking for 4.10's to go with my 37's... Thanks, Bravo
  18. Arizona 4.10 gears for sale

    there's some other sets on here with less miles and asking less... let me see who else responds