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  1. Mishimoto R&D: 3.6L Wrangler JL Catch Can

    Copy that. When you dick around with anything related to emissions, you're rolling a pair of loaded dice.
  2. How well do large children fit in back seats?

    I don't have any fat kids. :) My back seat is folded down 99.9% of the time anyhow.
  3. Reminder: 5 quarts of oil to avoid oil overfill

    It's somewhat understandable in that FCA sold two different 2018 Wranglers, JK and JL, and they're still using boilerplate service orders for the JK. But by now, they should have rectified the error. Hell, just plugging in the VIN should bring up the correct specs. When I went in for my first...
  4. JL Maintenance Schedule by Miles?

    Maybe you are, but don't brashly assume that everyone else is.
  5. Wheel Locks for JL (Especially the Spare)?

    Except that they were not. Fortunately, I was able to return them and get a refund.
  6. Wheel Locks for JL (Especially the Spare)?

    Been using a torque wrench a lot longer than you, skippy.
  7. Jeep women with long hair - I need your help

    Well then, show us your Daisy Dukes. :devil:
  8. Jeep women with long hair - I need your help

    My old lady is partial to "come eff me" stripper shoes and Victoria's Secret lingerie when we go wheelin'.
  9. Wheel Locks for JL (Especially the Spare)?

    They're all junk. Torqued by hand to specs, three of mine cracked longitudinally and the nipples broke off on the other two. Oh, and they were made in America by the same company that supplies them to Mopar.
  10. i have 08 jk 3.8l and a 18 jl 3.6l oil viscosity

    The simple answer is to follow OEM specs. That's why I use 0W-20 in my JLU. It's also why I used 15W-40 in my F250 diesel and 20W-50 in my Harley.
  11. Terrible 2.0 gas mileage?

    Slow down; you're moving too fast. Got to make the morning last. I'm getting 20-26 with my 3.6L and a stick, but I don't go 75-80, either.
  12. Dirty Patagonia tires

    Mine turn brown sometimes. It's called mud.
  13. JL Maintenance Schedule by Miles?

    Ah, I see you've met my ex-wife!
  14. Quick! Dealer made mistake. what to do

    Recommended tire pressure is 36 psi COLD, dude, so of course the pressure will increase due to friction as you drive.
  15. LED Headlights and Wipers in snow?

    Heat is the mortal enemy of LEDs. It quickly degrades their performance and results in premature failure.
  16. Car wash with hard top?

    Must be a really dull day when a car wash thread result in 20 posts, but at least there's no mention of lawsuits or how much someone's Jeep cost.