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  1. Alberta JL owners out here? show off your rig!

    Here is a vid of the conditions at Trans Alta falls if anyone is interested.
  2. Alberta JL owners out here? show off your rig!

    Went to Margaret Lake a couple weekends ago. Still very icy on the hills. Would wait until it's gone to go again.
  3. 3.6 WITH Etorque vs. 2.0 Turbo (no Etorque)

    Yeah, at this point I would probably prefer the etorque of the aux battery setup. Seems like the aux battery gives people same or even more trouble than the 48V system on here?
  4. Genius Battery Charger mount & Inlet install. Lots of pics!

    So my stop start stopped working. Always says battery charging... I have the 2.0 etorque. So I checked the voltage while it was off and it was 11.8V range. That's pretty low isn't it? Always starts and while driving the 48V seems to be charging it ok as the readout is in the mid 14V range...
  5. Genius Battery Charger mount & Inlet install. Lots of pics!

    For the Noco Eyelet quick connect, is it the M6 or the M10 one we need?
  6. Got in a wreck in my leased JL

    Only time you may turn it in, is if you smash it up really good and damage is like 20-25 grand, but they don't write it off and fix it. This is one big plus of leasing, you get if fixed by insurance and turn it back in. No need to worry about trying to sell or own a car with a 25k carfax...
  7. 2.0L Turbo Octane 87 or 91?

    Ratings are different. 98 rating where you are corresponds to roughly 93 octane in USA I believe.
  8. 2.0T Only has ONE battery?

    Lets try it this way: Start stop system is handled by the second small 12V battery on non Etorque Wranglers (underneath main 12V battery in the wheel well on passenger side) Start stop system is handled by the second large 48V battery on the Etorque Wranglers (underneath the jeep, towards the...
  9. 2.0T Only has ONE battery?

    I think they wanted to test it with the 2 Liter first. It has proven reliable for the most part and thus they decided it should go into the more popular 3.6L.. 48V assist is now being used in a lot of luxury vehicles as well and is there to smooth out the powertrain for the most part. Start...
  10. 2.0T Only has ONE battery?

    12V small auxiliary battery is found in all automatic non e-torque engines. 3.6 and 2L. Again, Jeep is confusing everyone because it started off with All 2L having e-torque and none of the 3.6L, now it's the exact opposite. So it depends on what year and even what trim you have.
  11. 33s on Sahara (no lift)

    17x9 7069 ProComps Tires are Rubicon size so not quite 33s, but most people consider them 33"
  12. 2.0L Turbo Octane 87 or 91?

    I tried 91 early on but it made no difference in power and no difference in fuel econ. I've been using 87 since (2 years almost). I also live at 3600ft above sea level so potentially that's why regular is working fine. I'm sure if I towed with it in 100F heat it may knock. But where I live...
  13. 2.0T Only has ONE battery?

    N7 and N8 appear to be connected together in the schematic and in that pic
  14. MOPAR Lift Kit - Discontinued in Canada?

    It's definitely not discontinued. Your link shows the AC version which is outdated and likely why it shows it discontinued. There was an AD version and now the AE is the most current. Canadian Mopar site is just outdated. AE is currently backordered in Canada, but there is no difference...
  15. 2.0T Only has ONE battery?

    Interesting. Learned something today. I looked up the order guides for 2020 and it looks like Recon was added in January 2020 based on Rubicon. Wonder why the Recon got the ETorque but not the Rubicon. Either way, lots of changes as years go on these wranglers.
  16. 2.0T Only has ONE battery?

    All of this confusion is due to Jeep changing the engines around Early on all 2.0Ts had the ETorque. None of the 3.6s had it. Then in 2020 I think it was only the Sahara 2.0Ts had the ETorque and now none of the 2.0Ts have it, but all 3.6s do. So confusing all around. ETorque = no second...
  17. Jump starting a dead JL 2.0L w/ eTorque

    Thanks for this. I was also wondering about how to do this recently even though I haven't had to do it yet. In that FB video they are boosting the 3.6, and she mentions the auxiliary start stop battery which 2.0T with Etorque doesn't have. But you said this worked for you. So that first...
  18. My ESS has more excuses than my 8 year old

    That's pretty normal operation isnt it? Every make of newer car I've driven doesn't do start stop if it's too cold or too hot outside. Most of them however won't have this nice message to tell you that's what is happening. I can't recall last time my stop start cycled. Probably won't until...
  19. Land Cruiser > Jeep :-O !!!

    I had the coin slot things in my Sahara in the back and got the cup holders from Amazon. It's a bit of a pain to install but doable. Negative is that you have to take the middle seat headrest out if you want seats to fold perfectly flat.