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  1. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I had them made, it’s a one off custom
  2. Larger Rear Storage Cubby

    great idea,
  3. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I love them, it looks to be the same material as the factory pieces. It’s painted, my Jeep is a 2018 so I’m sure the paint has changed some. Very happy with the color. Installation for me was super easy. Since I had lights prior in the same location it took just a few minutes each.
  4. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    This photo is with the garage lights off and door closed. Go to their website for more.
  5. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I found these side lights, they are super slick. Has a amber turn single indicator for you guys with aftermarket fenders with a small or no turn single light. The fit and finish is as good as factory. My only issue is their logo. They work with Artech dual pillar lights. Too.
  6. Clayton Off Road: JL Overland Plus Lift Kits

    I've had my clayton 3.5" lift on my JL Rubicon for a year now and i am extremely happy. I have rubicon express shocks. Ride is great on and off road.
  7. OEM Brake pad material

    Mkd-1589-fm are the bendix front brakes? Do you have a four door? If so, do you have the part number for the rear pads? I have a 2018 JL rubicon 4 door hardtop ‘thanks for your time
  8. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I’ve been running mine for a year, love it.
  9. After 20 years, I’m done with DT

    Finally after all these months 37” milestar patigonia’s are back in stock. I’d like to thank Discount Tire for taking care of my situation. I won’t go into detail, but I was well taken care of. Thanks to the corporate customer rep and my local store manager.
  10. Nevada MetalCloak Front Driveshaft 1310 JL automatic new

    SOLD. MetalCloak Front Driveshaft 1310 JL automatic transmission Brand new unused. Las Vegas nv 425.00 plus shipping or pick it up in Las Vegas
  11. Metalcloak’s front diff skid sneak peek

    Disappointed :lipssealed:
  12. After 20 years, I’m done with DT

    Ok, got a call from a very nice person at corporate, tires still not available to DT. I’d say my big issue is/was lack of communication. Just keep me informed, I understand you don’t make the tires. We will see what happens, I will update.....
  13. What good is GPS Recording your Trail? Worked better in the JK..

    You can not record a track if it’s not a known road on your gps. So if the road or trail shows up on the gps it can be recorded. Why Jeep didn’t make it possible to record via gps blows my mind. I have to have a separate tablet with mapping software to record and save trails which is stupid...
  14. Anyone running the Milestar Patagonia M/T tire?

    imo These tires are about 50% hype. They are quiet, work well on road but take a lot of wear off-road. I can’t use my bead locks because they won’t seat and one of the 5 tires I purchased was defective with ZERO miles on it direct from the factory (which still has not been replaced), so as long...
  15. After 20 years, I’m done with DT

    I still have not been taken care of, I know the tires have hit the port. I spoke to the mile star rep at trail hero, but still no tire.