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  1. Oracle Switchback dim?

  2. Oracle Switchback dim?

    hey all. i just had oracle switchback blinkers installed. the amber blinker is super bright, the white LED not so much. is it supposed to be as dim? when the sun is out if i turn them on they arent noticeable
  3. Best places in CT?

    Hey all. What are the best areas in CT to drive? Not even necessarily off road (though that would be great), but even good scenic places to pull over and take pictures
  4. Show Off Your Scenic Jeep Photos

    if you guys upload pics of your jeeps on instagram give me a follow and ill follow back - just made one:
  5. Pics of 33s No Lift? - Sport 2dr

    See above i ended up going with a 1”/1.5” teraflex spacer lift and 17x8 wheels with 33” ko2s and i think it worked out well....your daughters jeep looks great!
  6. Pics of 33s No Lift? - Sport 2dr

    i asked the shop who did it to trim them and they said they never did it on a JL before but im assuming they trimmed them while still attached. they may have removed them first tho im not too sure. but they are trimmed and flush on fender exactly how i wanted it
  7. Pics of 33s No Lift? - Sport 2dr

    Thanks! i was nervous about the poke but i like it.
  8. white/amber fog lights?

    hello all! I am in the process of converting my hologen lights to LED (completed headlights/halo with sidemarker and fenders on the way) are there fog lights that go from white to amber when turned off/on? i could’ve sworn i saw them a while ago but cant seem to find the video again. i am...
  9. Pics of 33s No Lift? - Sport 2dr

    LED fenders going on soon. she also got a bath shortly after these pics. more scenic pics to come along with more mods in the future. im still amazed how well it drives.
  10. Pics of 33s No Lift? - Sport 2dr

    got it done today! Teraflex 1.5 spacer lift and BFG KO2s (285/70r17). ride exactly like stock, 0 complaints on ride quality - if not as good as stock then better. i got it back when it was dark so ill get pics soon and show everyone. also installed oracle oculus headlights - 10/10. oracle...
  11. Pics of 33s No Lift? - Sport 2dr

    thanks! i cant wait to update this thread with my pics — ill keep you updated
  12. Pics of 33s No Lift? - Sport 2dr

    so my poke will be similar to yours?
  13. Pics of 33s No Lift? - Sport 2dr

    yea diagram looks basically identical. how much option do i have between poke vs no poke? i dont want too much, just slightly for a balanced look
  14. Pics of 33s No Lift? - Sport 2dr

    could i get a little poke out the fenders with that? like half an inch?
  15. Pics of 33s No Lift? - Sport 2dr

    offset 0 backspace 4.5
  16. Pics of 33s No Lift? - Sport 2dr

    o didnt know that!! thanks! i was getting a little nervous howd they fit becausr the wheels i liked most which i ordered are 17x8...cant wait to post my transformation pic