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  1. Pennsylvania FS - 2018 JLU Rubicon -5391 miles - $45200

    Selling our 2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon 5391 miles loaded - $45200 3.6L automatic 8 speed transmission black with black leather seating and the following options dual tops group, body color hardtop and fender flares, cold weather group,led lighting group, 8 speed automatic trans...
  2. soft top locks?

    Exact problem I had. Pull down on each arm firmly. I got both to click and top Will Not go up now while locked.
  3. soft top locks?

    Does it click when locking it in up position as well?
  4. soft top locks?

    Thanks fellas... didn’t realize you needed to push firmly down on each arm to get a click. Just did this and both clicked and engaged the lock, would be nice if this stuff was published somewhere. Don’t recall seeing this in manual!
  5. soft top locks?

    What are the soft lock hinge locks supposed to lock and unlock? My top goes up and down whether both levers are in the lock or unlock position... and top be clear I’m refer to the two that are attached to roll bar in rear.
  6. Soft top durability?

    We have the body color hard top and opted for the std soft top with tinted windows. Quality seems really good and haven't experienced any of the issues mentioned above.
  7. Dual Top Owners

    If you live anywhere that gets significant snow and only want one top the hard top is the way to go. As for premium soft top being quieter than the std, I drove both and wife and I didn't think it was significant enough so went with std soft top as second top. Would be interesting to see a...
  8. Soft top window storage

    I think this is why most leave the bar snapped into place across tailgate. I even left it in place on the previous 2 jku’s I owned.
  9. Soft top window storage

    Received my bag on Monday. Seems to be very good quality. Exactly two weeks from order to delivery.
  10. Compass issue?

    Reporting back on this issue, mine seems to clear up and work normal after driving a few miles. Seems to only do this after sitting in garage for a couple days.
  11. 2018 Jeep Sahara 4 way wiring Tow harness

    I don't see any mention of using the 12v outlet in the instructions. This custom kit says it is designed t-into existing tail light wiring. The amp draw allowed for the various signals seems appropriate and if trailer has led lighting don't see why this wouldn't work.
  12. Sun shade for JL Wrangler

    Anyone with mopar grab handles have a picture of how they routed the two front clips for the jtops? Not much room the way mine is setup.
  13. Sun shade for JL Wrangler

    Got my jtop today. Very nice product. 2 questions for those that have one. 1 - what is the rear metal part that goes across back of roll cage and what is proper placement? 2 - I watched the install video and didn't see them fold it back to allow soft top to clip to frame. I may assuming the...
  14. Soft top window storage

    Any update on this?
  15. Straps on soft top

    Isn't the bar supposed to stay in place when top is down?
  16. Softtop ?

    Didn't flap around at all even at 70+ mph.just doesn't seem to lay flat/compress like on the jk. The front hard leading edge is what is in view the entire time in the mirror, don't see how a strap would fix what I'm seeing. If you have a picture please post
  17. Softtop ?

    dumb question but anyone else find the rear view mirror useless with soft top down and even with arms disengaged from track and folded down in tub?
  18. Softtop boot

    Anyone buy one yet? How do you like it?
  19. Anyone mounted LED lights to the OEM non-metal bumper

    Do you have a part number or link for the bracket? Happy with the light bar?
  20. Team Alien Sunshade Has Landed!

    I hope they have the rear section for sale soon!