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  1. 9in true led aftermarket halo style headlights

    Oracle Oculus LEDs- buy them if you’re considering
  2. Spyder LED Tail Lights

    When are you going to come up with a fix for the housing ? Both my lights are loose, the 3 screws only go in about half way.
  3. LED Tail Lights

    Yes exactly, mine even less then that. I’m on a trip or I’d of figured it out by now.
  4. LED Tail Lights

    Yes, the screws won’t go in fully. The 3 or 4 per side. I’m not sure what I’ll do and how you didn’t have a issue.
  5. LED Tail Lights

    I think they look great, this is the smoked model. One issue is they don’t screw in tight, looks like a production error.
  6. LED Tail Lights

    i emailed them and the response was " i don't know, i dont see anything in the system" so i emailed them the sema video and received no response since.
  7. Jeep Wrangler JL Sequential LED DRL & Turn Signals - Morimoto XB LED

    arent these 7 inch retro fit lights and not the 9 inch that should be installed in a jl?
  8. LED Tail Lights

    any updates ? cant find any myself
  9. Roll Call Canadians

    Ordered august 5th got mine october 15th. good luck. the more options you order the longer it will take.
  10. 2018 Jl Rubicon - speaker vibration

    I have the same issue but haven't brought it in yet. How did they fix it ?
  11. Has anyone found mud flaps for a Rubicon yet ?

    Hi I have 35 inch tires and need some flaps to stop all the mud and water spraying while I'm doing my daily driving. Anyone found any for a Rubicon yet ?
  12. Toronto area off road trails

    Raglans good, i went over last week, I believe the pit is off limits but the trail is all good. Go when its nice and muddy, a good time.
  13. 35’s on Rubicon without Lift

    35's with rockstars and no rub and looks insane.
  14. 8 weeks, no VIN - JLUR in Canada. BG status.

    Couldn't keep her clean for more then a couple days...
  15. Toronto area off road trails

    Can anyone recommend any off road trails near the Great Toronto Area? Thanks
  16. How long do Jeep pdi's take?

    How long do the pdi's usually take ? I haven't seen a post on this yet.
  17. 8 weeks, no VIN - JLUR in Canada. BG status.

    My jeeps on that same truck up to Toronto. We're both in KZ now. Finally.
  18. 8 weeks, no VIN - JLUR in Canada. BG status.

    It's a 2019 so you would obviously get those options upgraded to the 19 version. You're probably going to have a 4 to 6 mont wait. Good luck with that, I orderd very early July and finally in JB status.
  19. How long were you in JB status ?

    I just went into JB status and was wondering what were some wait times from here on out. I ordered 12 weeks ago so I'm getting a bit impatient.