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  1. Jeep: There IS a Michigan Upper Peninsula

    Can't believe they forgot the UP. Also what the heck is the red star doing in the middle of the country?
  2. Washington Freedom Panel Storage Bag - 2018 JL

    For sale is a 2018 JLUR freedom panel storage bag. Part #68297726AB. Redmond, Washington $50
  3. Full steel roof JL? Would you buy it?

    Interesting this popped up in my email, I eventually purchased a 2018 JLUR and only kept it for 7 months (and 10K miles) before trading it in. I do a lot of roadtrips around the PNW with my wife and the wind noise from the hardtop was just too much and one of the major reasons I got rid of it...
  4. Washington 2020 Rubi Tires and Rims

    Wow. Someone offers to put a deal together for you and you basically say - the deal is the deal and I won’t help make the deal easier. They say you need to “buy the seller”. This is one deal that I am turning down, not buying this seller. I would rather pay full retail for tires. I’m out.
  5. Washington 2020 Rubi Tires and Rims

    I live in Redmond, any chance you would sell me the tires? I have a Chevy Colorado, so don’t need the wheels.
  6. I love everything about my JLUR except for the way it rides.

    I am sorry I think my comment started the whole wheelbase thing. BTW my half ton GMC wheel base is 143". For what ever reason - IMO the ride on a JLUR is poor, poor enough to take a small financial hit to trade it in and get a new vehicle. You have to remember this forum also influences a lot...
  7. I love everything about my JLUR except for the way it rides.

    LOL, thanks for insulting my intelligence - no offense taken. But seriously I was not interested in the JK because I knew of the issues. I did a lot of research on the JL and read all the reviews and watched a lot of Youtube vids and then went down to the dealer to do a test drive. Remember back...
  8. I love everything about my JLUR except for the way it rides.

    I guess I believed all the hype about how the JL was so much better than the JK. I test drove a JL and it seemed to be great, I guess I wanted to believe it was lively and agile and let the passion of the moment overrule a cold hard look at its on the road manners. I did not expect the JLUR to...
  9. I love everything about my JLUR except for the way it rides.

    Well, whatever. The JLUR sucks on the interstate. Short wheelbase, solid axle, big tires, vague steering, incredible wind noise, and a combination of other factors - they are just not a vehicle I want to drive from Seattle out to Eastern Washington or west to the coast - both multi-hour trips. I...
  10. I love everything about my JLUR except for the way it rides.

    I did not have the issues to the extent that you did. But after 7 months and 10,000 miles living and daily driving my 2018 JLUR I traded it in for a new GMC Sierra Denali full size pickup. My wife shared with me that she did not like the ride in the Jeep. So that was the final nail in the...
  11. Deer Park Road (Olympic National)

    The web says the road is 18 miles long but the road is closed at the park boundary at 9 miles. Is this as far as you were able to go?
  12. Who doesn't enjoy a v8?

    I really missed a V8, so much in fact I traded in my 7 month old JLUR for a 6.2L V8 GMC Sierra. Mashing the pedal on the 6.2L is a joy. Sorry. BTW I’m getting about 16.4mpg which is pretty dang good.
  13. Proposal: Low Center of Gravity Build - Billet Silver JLUR

    Well, there will be no LCG build for my Jeep. I decided to trade in my 7 month old JLUR tonight for a 2018 GMC Sierra pickup. I guess I found that off road possibilities are not as easy to get to and find as I had hoped they were. Also my wife and I really like to do long road trips and while I...
  14. WABDR

    Great report. I am going to try to map out your route from the report. Thanks for posting!
  15. New Method 701 question

    Yes I am watching the thread. The 701’s are at the top of my list but I put off my build till spring. I have decided to keep my JLUR stock because ... I want to see what the situation is with the JT Scrambler... I love my Jeep, but miss the pickup I traded in for the Jeep. So I might do...
  16. Stock Rubicon Bumper

    Interested, I have a plastic bumper JLUR, sent you PM.
  17. New Method 701 question

    Pictures please, would like to see how these look on a billet silver Jeep.
  18. The Aftermarket Bumper List (JL / JLU Wrangler)

    Anyone hear anything about these Easter Safari J-Wagon concept rock rails? Love the look of these.
  19. BILLET SILVER Wrangler JL Club

    Neat Billet Silver JLUR story on Autoblog. Lot's of pictures. Like the black grill. Part 1: Part 2...