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  1. Anyone had luck with the steering TSB in Metro Vancouver?

    I haven't yet but I know someone got it done in North Vancouver. I might try Ensign. Thanks @Arterius2!
  2. Any info on this winch plate install?

    Here you go.
  3. Can’t figure out a suspension set up

    Consider getting rubicon takeoffs (shocks and springs) and a set of lower control arms from mopar lift kit. Will cost you less than $300 and would be the most cost effective way in my opinion.
  4. Anyone had luck with the steering TSB in Metro Vancouver?

    I tried Richmond Jeep but they didn't want to help me out. The service guy keeps saying it's not a recall and it doesn't apply to my Jeep. When I showed him the video he acknowledged my Jeep has steering play but won't do anything unless I pay for the diagnosis fee ($150?) which won't guarantee...
  5. 2020 Wrangler JL 2 Door best winter tires for Saskatchewan Highway

    I liked Blizzak on my Jeep zj.
  6. $170 Windshield...what's this?

    Some JLs came with it from the factory. Not sure if you can use it as an antenna. Check this thread:
  7. 285/75/r17 on stock JL Sport

    Sorry I missed your post. I like E rated KO2s. It's not too bad than I expected. I'm running 30psi cold.
  8. 285/75/r17 on stock JL Sport

    Aren't all stock wheels have same specs? I'm guessing not all wranglers are identical and maybe the tailgate wasn't aligned properly from the factory or the rear bumper was installed slightly to the passenger side.
  9. 285/75/r17 on stock JL Sport

    I had mine around 16 psi thinking deflating it might work. I wanted to get C rated but KO2s only come with E rated. I noticed they're a little stiffer but not too bad.
  10. 285/75/r17 on stock JL Sport

    I ordered a set of cheap 3/8" spacers while waiting for the relocation bracket which has been backordered. The spare still didn't clear the bumper and it didn't feel safe since the lug bolts got too short. I tried using a heat gun today and it worked! I also like how the spare rests on the bumper :)
  11. $99 for a 13,000lb winch with synthetic rope???

    There's no buyer protection from Shopify unlike ebay or amazon.
  12. 285/75/r17 on stock JL Sport

    Hm.. I just got 285/75/17 KO2s but couldn't mount the spare. The tailgate wouldn't close beacause the spare was rubbing on the bumper. Maybe deflate the spare a bit if you only need a 1/4 inch? I deflated the spare to 16psi but didn't work ;(
  13. plastic shroud behind fog light part number?

    It won't fit. Plastic retainer clips don't line up. Trimming the stock closure panel is your best bet. Check this link.
  14. suspension help.

    That's odd. Passenger side springs should have taller spring numbers (1 or 2) than the driver side.
  15. Lift or no lift

    Forum's search function isn't very good. Try google 33 sahara
  16. Rattling upon acceleration

    Nice video. I hear the exact same noise going uphill, low rpms and when the engine reached normal operating temperature.
  17. Jeep Died
  18. Jeep Died

    Did you check the fuses? A lot of them are not fully seated from the factory and may cause all sorts of electrical problems.
  19. Styrofoam noise in rear near tail light

    A hardtop. Do you have a softtop?