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  1. Adding seat warmers?

    a fellow jeeper on our forum just put these in his LJ apparently, pretty straight forward. easy to do yourself. i may even try putting them in my rubicon.
  2. No muffler

    i have the flowmaster delete pipe on my 2 door rubicon. yeah, it was too tight to slip on, but a quick trip to a shop, he threw it on his expander and opened it up just a bit, and it slid on like butter. sounds great, and i have my muffler still in good shape for when/if i decide to trade it in...
  3. Why buy a used JL? What am I missing here?

    not to mention, it'll probably be quicker to buy used, compared to ordering a new one, which took me 4 months to get. but at least i got what i wanted.
  4. Rubicon photos

    it is. jeep just calls it a different name.
  5. Best sounding JL comes from muffler delete

    i went with the flowmaster muffler delete kit. not regretting it one bit. i like it. best part is, there is no huge muffler to get smashed up on the rocks. and i love the sound in 3rd gear in the higher rev range. (3.6L 6spd).
  6. Sting Grey opinions?

    dents and scratches don't show up too bad. if this was any other colour, it would probably bug the hell out of me. but it's nothin.
  7. Sting Gray Owners w/ aftermarket wheels please post pics

    custom beadlocks which i designed myself...
  8. JL accessories to avoid at ALL costs (post your warnings here)

    if the dealership tags your vin, you won't get any warranty work done anywhere. my dealer does not discriminate against any mods. they are jeepers too and will warranty any part for what it is. myself, i will go with a rubicon express lift kit. best out there for our JL, when it comes to price...
  9. Destination:Newfoundland

    if you don't already have them, i would get the load leveler sway bars for the trailer to jeep. and a brake controller, of course. i like the dual axle trailers, as it stops the trailer from wanting to rock up and down, so to speak.
  10. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    here's a current pic of my 2 door with custom beadlocks designed by me, cut/welded by THC (Trail Head Customs). of course the pic i wanted to upload wouldn't work, so here is an older shot.....
  11. 2 door hardtop guys/gals

    yeah, the covers for the plastic drain tubes. the next time i take the top off, i will do the gorilla glue fix. every time i get in, i have to push them back on so they stick, to stop the flutter. but if that's my only complaint, i think i'm alright.
  12. 2 door hardtop guys/gals

    has anyone noticed the little plastic covers behind the seatbelts ever come loose and rattle around? it is driving me nuts. both sides. they're held in place by little foam blocks that come unstuck and it just rattles. no matter how many times i push them back on to stick in place. i'm about...
  13. Black is played out...Show off your non-black wheels!

    concession lake and thanks i was with adrian from just jeeps that day
  14. Black is played out...Show off your non-black wheels!

    cheap steel wheels with custom weld on beadlocks. do the red rings make these count?
  15. Offroading a brand new Rubicon

    there were three of us JL rubicons out last weekend. mine has about 15k on it, but buddys only had about 1500 miles (2000kms) and 500 of that was from delivery, they had to bring it in from another dealer for him, it's an 18 JLUR
  16. No hinge bolts on your doors?! You crazy?

    my TJ nuts were removed from day one. never to be put back on again. i haven't taken my doors off my JLR yet, it's still quite cold up here, i have had the freedom panels off twice tho. but once i remove the doors, the bolts will likely stay off. i will likely install the TMR delrin bushings...
  17. Removed Stock Muffler

    i did the flowmaster, and i really like it. my 18 has the anti-rotation stud. i did however have to take it to my buddys shop and he enlarged the end a bit on his exhaust bender, but once he did that, it slid right on, no leaks. it sounds great and tucks the tip up and behind the bumper. had it...
  18. JL Non-Rubicon Cupholder

    this has got me thinking. wonder if someone makes a rear cup holder delete kit, and not the one with the flat useless pockets, but a piece that covers the giant hole once the cupholders are removed. see, i don't use the back seat for anything, i actually removed it the day i brought it home. i...
  19. Thoughts on a smaller spare tire?

    you guys know how metric tire sizes work, right? sure, a 255 tire is narrower than a 295 tire, but that middle number, if both are 70, well, that's 70 percent of the width is the sidewall height, so even tho it's narrower, it will be a much smaller diameter tire when you do the math. 255 is...
  20. Rubicon jl without soft top

    all the wranglers before the JL had dual top option for a 2 door, they all had the soft top installed and the hard top installed over top of it, but the new design of the JL soft top would not allow for that to happen, so they came in a crate in the back of the jeep. the crate won't fit in a 2...