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  1. JK to JL compatibility listing

    Good to know. Thank you. I'm also wondering if the e-brake is any better on the JL.
  2. JK to JL compatibility listing

    I was wondering about the wheels. I run 15" rims on my JK. They're a tight fit around the brake calipers, but they do fit. Are the JL brakes bigger? I guess I'll have to test that out when I take delivery.
  3. Aftermarket Parts for Canadians

    You should look into Frog Fab ( It's a Canadian company based out of Montreal. They make a full line of JK products and are starting to offer JL products. They aren't well known outside of Quebec, but here in Ottawa, people are starting to notice.
  4. Toronto area off road trails

    Your best bet is to join the OF4WD and access the trail index. They keep it updated pretty frequently, and will list trails you can use without getting yourself into trouble. Or, join one of the off-road clubs listed on the site. It's best to wheel with a group anyway.