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    Hi all! the time has come to sell my JLUR not because I don’t love it but because I’m building a Gladiator. 2018 JLUR Granite crystal Stock equipment 3.6 V6/ 8 speed auto Dual top group with painted hard top Premium LED lighting group MOPAR head liner 8.4 Nav and Alpine stereo Black...
  2. 37’s no lift JLUR

    If you know you love the Toyo M/T why risk buying something you hate? You know what to do!
  3. 37’s no lift JLUR

    I love Toyo M/T's! I have no experience running the Cooper's

    Here’s a few shots of my build. Lift should be here soon
  5. Dealers selling below invoice?

    Bill Harris CDJR in Ashland, Ohio is selling under invoice on locates, orders, and in stock units!
  6. anyone running 37’s yet??

    I intended to go with a 12.50 but they were out of stock and I have a set of 12.50’s with 3k on my Cummins. Worst case I would of swapped but after driving the Jeep I felt no need rock do so. It drives much better than a JK. No signs of death wobble and no complaints from her. Coopers are okay...
  7. anyone running 37’s yet??

    37/13.50R17 I think it drives excellent for stock suspension. I can tell I'm running a big tire but so far the Toyos are decently quiet and I still have great acceleration considering the weight of my rim/tire combo. I'm running a set of 37x12.50's on my Ram and figured worst case I could...
  8. 37’s no lift JLUR

    I planned on getting 37/12.50's but they weren't ready to ship and I figured worst case I'll put them on my truck. No rubbing in normal use, I also disconnected the sway bar and it was still good. However I hooked up a trailer and the rear tires rubbed, even with the rear plastic wheelhouse...
  9. 37’s no lift JLUR

    RK lift is a month out but I couldn’t wait to slap on these 37/13.50’s This is a -12 offset for those trying to decide
  10. 37/13.50's on 4.5 backspacing

    Hi guys, Just picked up a 2018 JLUR and its headed straight to the shop for upgrades. I ordered the following RK X factor 2.5 Flex system with their JL 2.25 shocks Dirty Life 17x9 -12 off set/ 4.53 backspace Toyo M/T 37/13.50's spare tire delete with my lift taking a month to arrive but...