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  1. Easiest/cheapest way to go about 37"s?

    WTF is this Karen talk?? He was just stating pretty factual stuff. I don't like hearing that 3:45s and 35" tires is a shitty combo since I'm about to go that route, but it damn sure isn't ideal. I've done gear changes in past 4X4s and IME the difference on the road was pretty dramatic, luckily...
  2. New exhaust recommendations for 19 Jeep JL

    That's quite the collection there, would be interested in how they got all those. I do know my Magnaflow sounds quite a bit cleaner than the clip on that video though.
  3. Easiest/cheapest way to go about 37"s?

    It's going to be far from ideal for sure, luckily I don't mind running in manual shift and keep the RPMs in a better place, and FWIW at least that 8AT is a fine transmission. Sure in a perfect world I'd rock 4:56 and I may go that route down the road, so we'll see :)
  4. Easiest/cheapest way to go about 37"s?

    My 295s (about 33.3" tall) w/ Tazer on my 2dr w/ v6 8AT has been ok w/ the 3:45s, I'm going w/ 315/70/17 66lb Mickeys (295 Patagonias in E-rated are 2lbs less) in a couple months. I'll let you know how happy or unhappy I end up being. Got a feeling I won't be as happy w/ the gearing but MUCH...
  5. 4 door Rubicon hard top diesel suspension in a 2 door sport

    Looking real good! Did you add the longer Mopar lift LCAs (or adjustable LCAs) ? If not, that should be on your to-do list :)
  6. Smoked tail lights, are they legal?

    I do know for a fact that my smoked tails are much brighter than my stock halogens, and IMO seem plenty bright from a good distance away. The only part that isn't bright is the reverse LED (just like the OEM Led tail set), and I have a small light bar for that issue. But if air fresheners...
  7. Easiest/cheapest way to go about 37"s?

    Also keep in mind braking will also take a big hit going to such large & heavy tires, but at least Omar has a Sahara with the bigger brake setup. I would recommend a better biting pad if you decide to go w/ 37s for sure. The Powerstop Z36 pads are about the best choice AFAIK, not many...
  8. Cooper STT Pro on 8-12wk backorder :( Alternative Suggestions?
  9. What are these?

    lol^^ It's pathetic but true :(
  10. What are the chances my new 392 was a EJS Press vehicle

    Damn, this is pretty alarming seeing the similarities w/ the way these 392s have been delivered. Hopefully all of you get some answers and some help w/ this, you definitely deserve better. I too went over the entire frame w/ a super bright tactical flashlight prior to taking delivery since...
  11. Easiest/cheapest way to go about 37"s?

    Stick w/ 35s, easier on the entire drive train and your 3:45 gears and smaller axles won't be nearly as much of a burden. Try a Rubicon takeoff suspension to get a bit more lift and you should be good to go. If you stick w/ the stock 7.5" wide wheels you may want spacer to keep away from the...
  12. JL 3.6L - Oil Dipstick Issue

    Yep, for that new cast-iron steering box TSB they left the bolts under-torqued, re-used a bolt that specifically calls for a new bolt to be used (also under-torqued) left my steering fluid reservoir cap laying on the side of the motor too! YAY!
  13. Black, grey, or white wheels on white Jeep?

    Bronze on a white Jeep looks best IMO :)
  14. What are these?

    I doubt your very amazed anymore, I stopped being amazed when I heard that one guy here had the dealer install his oil filter upside down :headbang:
  15. Selec-Speed Control vs Hill-Descent Control (Solved)

    Great thread! Thanks @DavidArmen for getting this started and finding out what's what. Good thing all my 4Lo wheeling is going downhill, otherwise I ordered our JL 2 years too soon :)
  16. Cooper STT Pro on 8-12wk backorder :( Alternative Suggestions?

    From all I've read about those tires they seem to be one of the best MTs as far as grip and tread life, and for the slightly lower price point they're sure worth a look! And FWIW the Maxxis Trepadors are one of the best dedicated rock crawling tires, so Maxxis knows what they're doing :)
  17. Cooper STT Pro on 8-12wk backorder :( Alternative Suggestions?

    Maxxis Razr MT get good reviews too!
  18. Cooper STT Pro on 8-12wk backorder :( Alternative Suggestions?
  19. Favorite 35/37" AT/Hybrid tire for daily driver/wknd warrior?

    The newest offering from Mickey Thompson should be the best AT-based tire given the M/T history when releasing a new tire. It has the beefiest sidewalls, 3 peak snow rated, 50k mileage warranty, and killer looks. I know this is an old thread but these tires are going to be beasts...
  20. Looking for wildpeak mt01 315/70/17

    Best price, only 3 left This one arrives by the 23rd (and 100% positive feedback) These two seem to be the same store...