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  1. Sun shade

    @jludave i agree, my Spiderwebshade JLKini fits well but there are no latch cutoffs for the Sunrider clasps so I have to kind of stretch the material back to get my hands in there to flip the handles, retractable would be perfect but seems like no one makes one and Bestop has one for the JK but...
  2. Sun shade

    @jludave I have some paracord ones and they are attached to a strap and I noticed that when I installed my SR that material was under the side rails and I did not want the possible issues so I kinda folded and tucked some material and it’s ok but not as perfect as I would like
  3. Simply The Best spring sale!!

    I need a set of mats for the backroads and beach
  4. USB port was working now it isn’t sorta...

    I had my center console go out and after checking the PDC I found a few fuses not seated properly so now I check them every oil change and all seems well.
  5. GPCA hand grips fit with the Bestop Sunrider for Hardtop

    Had to do the same, mine are made by Rugged Ridge I think and i have to fold up some material when it’s all stretched out it gets caught under the door rails
  6. Removed AUX Battery

    @sourdough running a second battery not under the hood takes up space if you pack out unless someone has a kit that finds space for one not under the hood. I run a dual under hood Genesis and run aux lights, winch and portable compressor and my stock 200 amp alternator seems to keep up but I do...
  7. Removed AUX Battery

    @sourdough if you run with ESS all the time going to one battery is fine as long as you go to a beefier battery if you are running aux equip as lights, winch etc....can take a toll on a smaller battery. Not sure what to suggest for a single battery as I run a modified dual system using two full...
  8. Bestop Sunrider Review

    Guessing no easy way to repair the broken Z clip
  9. Bestop Sunrider Review

    I adjusted both latches to give me a bit more tension to compress the front seal just to make sure and drove thru a light rain and today I washed and waxed and while washing I sprayed water on any possible point for water to get thru and not a single drop 👍🏻
  10. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Detailed my JL from top to bottom and installed some Redline Tuning hood struts.....
  11. Redline Tuning Hood Prop & Detail

    Spent the day detailing my JL for a trip to the Gulf Coast and also installed my Redline Tuning hood props and all I can says is everybody needs these, these are extremely well made and my factory hood prop is gone, just so much easier and well worth the cost. Install was pretty easy but had to...
  12. Redline Tuning Hood Struts - 5 minute Bolt-In installation!

    Got mine in today and hoping to detail and install tomorrow
  13. JL Retractable Sunshade

    All we can do is patiently wait and see if @Bestop comes out with a retractable one for the JL that plays nice with the Bestop SR......I would gladly give them my $$$
  14. Bestop SR Latch Adjustment

    As some of you may know I recently installed a Bestop SR on my 2018 JLUS and so far am really loving it a lot and I’m not sure if I can even go back to freedom panels but maybe in the winter time. Anyway after installing the passenger side latch had a pretty fair amount of tension and the...
  15. OBD JScan Issue

    You will need at minimum this to get JSCAN up and running besides having the OBDII BT module and app
  16. OBD JScan Issue

    Have you changed other things ?
  17. 2018 early JLRU Tazer JL Mini ?

    Its been a few years since I ran a Tazer but I would not think the marry process has changed much....Just set your EVIC to “ Music” then plug in the Tazer to the cables after unplugging them from the SGW module then set your JL to run and use the steering wheel buttons to get to the “Marry“...
  18. 2018 early JLRU Tazer JL Mini ?

    I would contact zauto thru a text message for support, I’m sure their support team can walk you thru any issues and their may also be some se users here that can take you thru it, I quit using a Tazer several years back and now run a different setup that suits my needs.
  19. Red leaking liquid under jeep

    Ensure the cap is tight on the reservoir, these tanks are pressurized ( not like the old days ) if the cap is not tightened to the point of not turning it can leak past the seal, don’t ask me how I know this :LOL:
  20. Bestop Sunrider Review

    @jludave thanks for the advice I may go ahead and make a small adjustment to the driver side at least to the point its close in tension to the passenger side, once I move my sunshade out of the way to flip the latch it actually drops down a small amount so it’s pretty loose but no leaks that I...