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  1. Drive Shaft Upgrade? JLUR w/ 3.5" Lift

    When I went from 2.5" to 3.5" lift, I went with an Adams 1350 front CV shaft. I will be upgrading the rear with an Adams 1350 CV shaft too. The front tends to wear out faster with more lift and can inhibit articulation more so than the rear. But for peace of mind, I am also upgrading the...
  2. Looking for Recommendations For Axle Re-Gear - Sacramento/No. California

    Looking for recommendations, referrals, etc. on shops to re-gear my 2018 JLUR. I've gotten prices around my area (Reno), but it seems the prices are cheaper in the Sacramento area. So far in Reno, prices are about $2,500 - $2,800 plus tax. I have no problem going to Sac (or surrounding area)...
  3. Anyone know how to remove spare tire studs?

    Use more elbow grease.......JK. This is how engine builders and others install and remove stud bolts for the mains, carb, etc. You should be able to easily break the nuts free with a wrench on one and socket on the other and turn in opposite directions. You could also use a vise, locking one...
  4. Anyone know how to remove spare tire studs?

    You can use the same technique when installing new studs bolts., but you'd obviously put the wrench or socket on the top nut and turn clockwise.
  5. Anyone know how to remove spare tire studs?

    Put two nuts on the stud and tighten the nuts together. With a wrench on the bottom nut, turn counter-clockwise and the stud should come out. Put some PB Blaster or other penetrant on the threads to make it easier.
  6. Dana Advantek Chromoly Front (FAD Delete) and Rear Axle Shaft Installation

    Still have the FAD Delete and have no issues whatsoever.
  7. Dana Advantek Chromoly Front (FAD Delete) and Rear Axle Shaft Installation

    Yeah, that looks right. And hey, if it feels right then roll with it! I discovered the same problem about lack of instructions or anything online. Sounds like you got a fun project on your hands. I don't know much about the JK and it's manual transmission, so can't help any with that...
  8. Where is the tire sensor at?

    The TPMS is integrated into the base of the valve stem. It will look like this (generic photo, not necessarily a JL TPMS): Find where your valve stem is poking out of the outer lip and you will see the TPMS portion on the barrel of the wheel.
  9. Dana Advantek Chromoly Front (FAD Delete) and Rear Axle Shaft Installation

    I can's been awhile! You'll need to disconnect the FAD harness and zip tie it up and out of the way. Remove the passenger side axle shaft and then you can remove the FAD actuator. Put a pan underneath the the FAD as a small amount of lube may dribble out. Nows a good time to...
  10. Metalcloak SportGate Tire carrier Opinions please

    Possibly did, I don't remember as it's been a year since I looked at the product description. When I bought mine, it didn't even say you couldn't use stock wheels with it.
  11. Metalcloak SportGate Tire carrier Opinions please

    I have no fitment issues with the original design, although I do like the looks of the new version better. Metalcloak now specs the new version as capable of supporting a 38" tire. Both versions are still rated at 150 lbs. I never saw the tire size rating listed on the original version...
  12. Selec-Speed Control vs Hill-Descent Control (Solved)

    My 2018 and 2019 JLUR's have Hill Descent Control and not the Selec-Speed control. In fact, I have never heard of the selec-speed control.
  13. Metalcloak SportGate Tire carrier Opinions please

    They’ve changed the design up a bit. That definitely doesn’t look like the one I have. Kind of looks more “refined”. Original: New:
  14. 37” BFG Ko2 AT vs 37” Nitto trail grappler mt

    I'm not sure and I'm not at home to measure the contact patch. From what I've read and seen, their sidewalls are thicker than most, which will definitely contribute to them being heavier.
  15. Upgrades ideas -- too many options

    Other than ordering direct from a manufacturer, such as Metalcloak, your best bet for Jeep parts (and I'm not talking about the ugly angry bird grilles and other doo-dad BS), Northridge4x4 has some of the best parts at the best prices. Their website is absolutely the best as it has real time...
  16. Curvature of Upper Control Arms and Front Axle

    Nice carnage!! Those uppers are bent to hell!! Obviously it's hard to tell from the pics if your front axle is bent, you'd need to measure and check with a straight edge. In addition to needing new uppers, I would get new front LCA's too. I wouldn't be surprised it they were tweaked some...
  17. Curvature of Upper Control Arms and Front Axle

    I think you need to post pics of the failed parts. With a broken front drive shaft and bent uppers, that sounds like your front end took a decent hit. Generally, the lower arms are the first to bend since they support the vast majority of weight and forces on the axle.
  18. Curvature of Upper Control Arms and Front Axle

    I think @Arterius2 was asking how much "air" was between your tires and the ground when you might've left Mother Earth.
  19. 17x9 Wheels with 4.5 Backspace under 30 LBS?

    Regardless of where you buy them, I recommend to clean the threads inside the wheel for the rock ring bolts prior to installing the ring bolts. Mine had some paint or powder coat on the threads. I ran a tap (they're metric, but I don't remember the size) down the bolt holes to clean up the...
  20. Teraflex Track Bars, Who’s had no issue on your JL?

    You're half right, I should've been more specific: Their non-IR arms use clevite bushings. When I looked at their product page prior to my earlier posting to confirm, their JL track bars list the bushing as factory style rubber bushings. I couldn't find a Teraflex JL track bar which uses...