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  1. My fellow cloth seat peasants, I have found our Armrest!

    Having owned a YJ, I still miss the coziness of the two door Wranglers. I might have purchased a JL instead of my JLU, but for the fact that the Jeep was replacing a truck. I had to hedge my bet a little, in terms of cargo carrying ability. And thus the four door.
  2. My fellow cloth seat peasants, I have found our Armrest!

    And we were so close to having at least one page of one thread unsullied by any mention of the myTop. Sigh.
  3. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    That's why diamond plate corner panels were so popular on the YJ-era Wranglers that had bumperettes (their real name) from the factory. Voice of experience. :)
  4. New JL, was this item free?

    A trailer isn't needed to test the plug's functionality. An inexpensive 4-flat tester can do so.
  5. Need HELP with out of state purchase.

    My selling dealer gave me 5% off invoice as a matter of policy. They do so while acknowledging that rebates and incentives have been wholly absent for Wranglers. I'll PM you the information. As for fees and the intricacies of interstate vehicle purchases, your questions really need to be...
  6. Smoked tail lights, are they legal?

    Just so. By way of example, there are two versions of the LED headlight module that I installed on one of my motorcycles. They are identical, but for the v2.0 light having "DOT" added to the lens. The v1.0 light wasn't DOT-approved...and the vendor made this very plain in the product ad copy...
  7. Has anyone seen Half Doors in real photos / in person?

    Aftermarket soft uppers with sliders were usually available in the J.C. Whitney print catalog (peace be upon its name.) I had considered sliders for my YJ, but decided against them. Having seen a few of them in person, the panels, when slid open, weren't much larger than the old-style vent...
  8. Selec-Speed Control vs Hill-Descent Control (Solved)

    They're called switch blanks. Honda is the acknowledged master of such things. :) I usually, but not always, purchase vehicles with modest trims. My Ridgeline RT, for example, had almost as many blanks as it did functioning button switches. A reminder of what I refused to pay for, lol. When I...
  9. Who has found the best wipers ?

    The factory wipers remain in situ on my JLU. It's a 2021, and I switch them out for Duralast winter wipers during the Snow Times. So, to be fair, I'm not yet able to comment on the relative longevity of the OEM fitments. I've no complaints about their performance, though. When wiper blades...
  10. My new JLU was rear ended in a light accident

    @dgoodhue The purpose of an insurance claim (or the proxy of the promised dealership resolution here) is to restore you and your vehicle to their pre-collision states, to the extents applicable and possible. I've the experience of one not-my-fault collision. Keeping studious notes from start...
  11. Show me your JL gun holster setup

    When I need access to tactical nutrition, I need it now.
  12. Jeeps parking next to Jeeps... post yours!

    The front quarter panels can look quite clean when debadged, etc. 👍
  13. Selec-Speed Control vs Hill-Descent Control (Solved)

    Opinions vary, but I'd prefer to descend an icy slope in as straight a manner as possible.
  14. Selec-Speed Control vs Hill-Descent Control (Solved)

    Six pages in, and I know less than when I started. :LOL: 2021 Sport 2.0L Turbo 850RE 8 speed Auto Selec-Speed Control No Safety Group.
  15. Show me your Stickers!

    This one is my favorite. :)
  16. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    @bgrex Brilliant, thanks!
  17. How many use a screen protector on the display screen?

    The plastic protective film is still in place on the Ural's speedometer. The angle of the electronic speedo face to the sun, when riding, makes the plastic lens susceptible to yellowing. The film fits so well that you can't see it unless looking carefully at the edges. Free protection? Sure!
  18. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    How easy does it appear to be to cut the thread to accommodate removal of the brand name patch? TIA. Precisely why I won't install the NIB dead pedal in my JLU. Straightening my left leg and using the firewall as a toe rest suits me just fine.
  19. Service Rip Off? Yes in my opnoin what do you think:-)

    @78cj7-18lj Replacing the differential gear oil in the front and rear axles is a recurring maintenance requirement, one that is necessary for the continued health of the driveline. If it's not yet been done, and your now-3-year-old vehicle has almost 10K on the odometer, you might consider...