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  1. Anyone Tow a Camper? Size? Pics?

    So you’ve had this for a while now. What are your thoughts? How does it tow? I’m torn between this one and the 174BH. The weights are about the same and I kinda like the bunk house beds. The only thing I don’t know about is the AC. The smaller model has a side mounted AC unit (either 7000 or...
  2. Had Off Road Pages, Now Its Gone. Anyone else experience this?

    Bumping this just for the helluvit. Finally got my off-road pates, a 2 hr download according to the dealer that fixed off road pages and some other radio issues. It was kind of interesting, when I start the jeep up, all the apps would show up except for a few. And then after a minute or two...
  3. Anyone Tow a Camper? Size? Pics?

    Keep in mind WD hitches only redistribute the weight, they don’t reduce it. The hitch limit on the Wrangler is 350 pounds. 400 pounds with a WD Hitch. 350 is the safe limit as far as wright distribution as it affects sway of the trailer. 400 is the limit as far as total weight on the rear...
  4. Anyone Tow a Camper? Size? Pics?

    We’re almost ready to go with the R-Pod 180 or 189. Seems like it hits all the notes we’re interested in. The hybrids are very nice too. We had Coyote a few RVs ago. Only down side was even with tents in great shape, we always seemed to get wet inside now and then. The canvas roof would sweat in...
  5. Anyone Tow a Camper? Size? Pics?

    Dumb question. What are the bags for? Do they replace a weight distributing hitch?
  6. JLU pulling a travel trailer? No problem!

    What model? I don’t see a 3100#hybrid on the Jayco page
  7. JLU pulling a travel trailer? No problem!

    We’re now looking at an Rpod 180. Just a tad bigger. The dry weight is 2650 and the hitch weight is 320. I like your setup. Thanks for the brake controller link.
  8. JLU pulling a travel trailer? No problem!

    Not sure if I missed anyone pulling this trailer, but has anyone tried out or looked at the Flagstaff 21 FBRS? It really looks like a nice functional design. Seems perfect for pulling with a Jeep Wrangler except the empty weight is almost 4200 pounds. Hitch weight is 410. I’ll bet if they made...
  9. Smittybuilt vs Warn winch

    In case I didnt mention it, I got a Rusty’s winch plate for the same price as the JCR a couple of months ago. Rusty’s and Warn are 1/4” steel as opposed to 3/16” for the JCR.
  10. Quake Halo LEDs with RGB effects

    Bluetooth cnroller? The box under the hood that conects to the lights? No idea. I’ve never listened to it.
  11. Want to get a CB

    A hand held CB or even some cheapo walkie talkies get the job done for talking vehicle to vehicle. Range is very limited, but its better than shouting.
  12. Florida Roll Call!

    I’ve never used them but there’s Jeepers Den on east 50 by Christmas. I’ve heard people mention them before favorably, but that’s all I know
  13. Rubicon-Hard to find

    So those 2 extra doors are costing me 3mpg? And by the way, premium is recommended, not required on the 2.0
  14. The HellFire JL

    But the custom seats !
  15. Smittybuilt vs Warn winch

    Large enough for what? Probably for anything you or I will ever handle. Chances are you’ll never use it. I had once chance to use it when I got stuck in mud. But there were no trees or anything else to pull off of. Luckily, another 4 wheeler came by and yanked me out with my snatch strap.
  16. Rubicon-Hard to find

    I have the V6, but would have been fine with the 2.0. I just happened to find the V6 on the lot. . Its your jeep, so get what you want, but the 2.0 Turbos are great too.
  17. Why Amber Lights?

    Plus they smell like cheese
  18. Different Front & Rear Bumpers with Mopar/OEM Rear?

    If you’re going to wheel at high approach angles, you might want to change the bumper and tire carrier. Just going to 35s are not a problem on a rubicon. I’ll go to 35s when my 33s wear out