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  1. Looking to install RC spacer lift (Md)

    I installed the same kit on mine. What do you need for help? I’m in the md/dc area.
  2. Rubicon FS: Lots of Rubicon take offs

    Sorry. Everything has sold.
  3. DC - Maryland - Virginia

    Facebook has a buy and sell JL page. I’ve also put stuff on the sale forum in here and had luck.
  4. DC - Maryland - Virginia

    What is a good dealer for service/warranty work in the area?
  5. Help with Back-Up Lights

    This is the same way I wired both of my cube lights and I did not have any issues. I used Roadmaster 792 Hy-Power Diode, (Pack of 2) and wired it into my auxiliary switches next to the battery (along with my rock lights)...
  6. Rock Krawler no limits swaybar links?

    It’s a combo of the misalignment going to 60 degrees and 1 1/4 hex stock and 3/4” heims
  7. North Carolina Roll Call

    Nice. Random side note, you almost have as many miles on this Jeep as you do posts on here. Lol
  8. North Carolina Roll Call

    Gotcha. Looks taller than my 4 foot which is mounted to the top hinge bracket. I was able to get really good results. SWR was perfect.
  9. North Carolina Roll Call

    Nice. Did you go with the 5 foot Fire Stick?
  10. North Carolina Roll Call

    Looks good. What CB are you running?
  11. Rubicon Rubicon Fender flares

    Without confirming the part number, yes. Just like these. 4 rubicon fender flares. If you’re interested, make an offer. Mine are available shortly, not sure on the lead time for those ones.
  12. Rubicon Rubicon Fender flares

    I am selling my JLUR factory fender flares. I just got my new ones in and will be installing them in the next few days. I’d prefer a local pickup sale rather than shipping them (the dimensions are not kind for shipping rates). I will take the best offer for them, but will start at $600. I am...
  13. North Carolina Roll Call

    Thanks man. Just got my fenders in over this past week. Can’t wait to get them installed. Not much left on the original build list, just rear corner armor, inner fenders and a real lift kit.
  14. North Carolina Roll Call

    Yup. Got 5 MT/R’s for real cheap.
  15. North Carolina Roll Call

  16. North Carolina Roll Call

    Very nice. I would have got those on mine when I bought it, but didn’t know they were available. Ended up going with the dirty life roadkill’s. They look good.
  17. North Carolina Roll Call

    Are those the Mopar bead lock rims?
  18. 2018 Mojito JLUR 11 Miles $48,434

    I offered $33k and got the same response. Not in the market though.
  19. Giveaway of the Month

    I would love to have these to enhance my spacer lift until I can complete the 3..5” lift. Plus, I live so close to uwharrie and would enjoy seeing a video comparing it with @Kevin8086 and the rest of the NC JL owners here in NC Lol. And the gold color will match the bead locks.
  20. North Carolina Roll Call

    I have my shocks, springs aren’t ready to come off just yet.