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  1. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Family mountain bike outing to break in our new hitch rack...
  2. Any graphic designers out there? - I could use your help

    Very loose rendering from when the JK was offering it.
  3. Any graphic designers out there? - I could use your help

    Thanks - They agreed to do the decal but the artwork felt too intensive or exploratory for them. They said if I find the right graphic or design it, send it to them and they’ll print it. That’s exactly why I’m reaching out here 👍
  4. Any graphic designers out there? - I could use your help

    Hi - I’m hoping to get a quality graphic design of a black and grey topo map of gulf coast of South Florida around the Tampa/St. Petes/Bradenton region. Size - Size same as the JL Rubi hood decal that the Recon uses. I’d like to take the graphic in the proper format to a vinyl decal printer...
  5. Who actually uses A/C?

    Haven’t read all eight pages. I’ll just speak for me... South Florida - You will melt into the interior of your Jeep in June-Aug, top on or off, which negatively affects trade-in value.
  6. Buying Cargo Mat Grommets Parts?

    Si! Got em. Made a 15 offer and purchased!
  7. Buying Cargo Mat Grommets Parts?

    That might be because I followed the link provided a few minutes ago, and possibly purchased the last available set 😎👍. Thanks for following up and checking - This will help a lot of folks!
  8. Buying Cargo Mat Grommets Parts?

    What eBay search term did you use? I used JL Mopar cargo mat grommets and several other variants and didn’t land on any results. Maybe they’re gone already?
  9. Beach Buggy builds?

    My build isn’t beach-specific, but I do believe that the beach Jeeping community is a niche group that is largely overlooked. Not a lot of rock crawling on the coastal FL sandy trails. My favorite thing to do is strip the Jeep naked and cruise to and around the local beaches and towns.
  10. Sky Touch Durability

    Had mine for two years. No issues. Love it. Getting it again when I upgrade to 4xe or 392 once there’s some track record of reliability.
  11. Best place to buy a set of Fuel Vector D601 gunmetal wheels?

    THey are KO2s and the conversion has them at about 34.5” after the metric conversion.
  12. Quadratec’s YJL Jeep Wrangler Debuts to Celebrate 30th Anniversary

    I came here not expecting to like it. I like it. I want my 95 YJ back!!!
  13. 67 Design Cell Phone Holder

    Not sure if the OPs statement closes this thread. But if it helps others... I have the 67 Designs and was super excited to use it. However, I run a thicker case with credit cards and it won’t stay put in the 67 Designs spring-tension mount - too thick. I had to get a Ram X mount to attach to...
  14. OCEAN BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    Wheel Ocean Blue twins!
  15. Aluminum Bumpers Recommendations?

    Did you get this bumper? Any idea on the weight compared to the OEM steel bumper? How‘s the quality look? I like it but I‘d like to know how much weight difference there is... I couldn’t find it listed on the site.
  16. Dash Kit in Red?

    What’s your current dash kit on your 2021 Rubi? I have a like-new red currently on my rubi but want to upgrade to the leather stitching dash... would consider a trade with the right arrangement?
  17. Rear seat belt noise when top down

    I went with generic Spidershade seat belt flap isolators (aka seat belt pads). I have the leather black Rubi with red stitching, so these match nicely. These aren‘t the exact ones I got, but you get the idea.
  18. Will Anvil ever return?

    I love Anvil - Actually sold my firecracker red 2012 JK for my 2015 anvil only after I first saw it live at the dealership. Had no intention of buying a new Jeep before that. Sting Grey isn’t too far off. I sold the 2015 anvil to get into a 2019 ocean blue JLUR for the same reason - saw it...
  19. JK vs JL builds...Post your pics

    My 2019 Ocean Blue JLUR; My 2015 Anvil JLU (sold); My 1995 YJ - Just for Fun! (sold)
  20. Let us hear that you want Core Doors!

    I’m going to upgrade to the 4xe or the 392 once the early adopters help FCA Jeep work out many of the early edition bugs and recalls. I am considering the half door/dual door option. If these were available, I’d totally get these instead and paint them body color and abandon the half door...