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  1. Wool Wax for Undercarriage?

    Honesty it was on road most of the time, only had about 11,000 miles before I traded it. The underside looked spotless, didn’t look dirty or messy or anything like that. I did use often on gravel roads, mainly to go kayaking. Never in any mud or that kind of thing. I plan on taking my wrangler...
  2. Wool Wax for Undercarriage?

    works very well! i've had one application of fluid film on the underside of my 2019 ram rebel until it was traded in March for my rubicon. it was still on there, after two PA winters. Its bugging me that i havent applied it yet on my wrangler... thats on my very soon to-do list!
  3. Does anyone have this Canopy?

    does anyone have any experience using something like this? it looks like its only available for pre order right now, but im sure theres other similar canopys like this out there from the people who have tents/canopys, does...
  4. Plastic rocker guards for 2 door?

    i've had great luck with this (not for this application though, but i wouldnt hesitate to try it)...
  5. Plastic rocker guards for 2 door?

    Some people don’t hardcore off-road I have the bushwhacker plastic ones on my 4 door, do you see them for a two door?
  6. Redrock or awe cat back exaust

    I have the awe trail catback, I love it. Had it for about 800 miles now and it’s starting to break in really nicely. sounds like my neighbors gtr! (I wish)
  7. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I’ve seen people do it using some rubber hose material from the Home Depot. I’m sure there’s someone here who can help you better than I can with what exactly to use. But yeah, agree on the offset and can’t wait to get my methods on!
  8. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Gotcha thanks, the offset of yours looks really good. I’m sure mine will be similar. Currently my -19 steelies look super wide, I’m actually happy to be getting wheels that have less of a negative offset compared to stock. I’ll post pictures for sure. Here’s a pic of my current steelies with the...
  9. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    looks great! whats the offset? my current wheels are -19 but my methods will be 0 offset, so they will sit in a bit more
  10. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    So Sorry to hear that. It’s gunna be bronco time for me if this ends up happening on mine. Will they cover a repaint?
  11. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    Sure, happy to help. This is what I got, all from quadratec. They are zinc die cast hinges, they come black but can be sanded and painted
  12. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    i got my 35’s and pro comp wheels on. They’re steelies, love the simple look and the offset. However, the quality is pretty bad. 3 of them have bent lips. They’ll be replaced with matte black method NV’s soon
  13. JL Wrangler vs New Ford Bronco

    the only thing that makes me think the bronco has a chance of sticking around for the long term is that there are ford dealerships who will be building designated bronco buildings. they look really cool lol and i couldnt imagine dealerships shelling out this money for a vehicle that will last...
  14. JL Wrangler vs New Ford Bronco

    i agree. i regret cancelling my reservation...i should've bought one and flipped it for an extra $10K since im sure theres a bunch of people who will want one that right away! lol
  15. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    Yeah it’d be fine to use fluid film without removing the hinges, I’m just not sure how far it’ll penetrate underneath the hinge. This what it looks like after the hinge is removed. The white residue is some glue that they use from the factory. It broke really easily once both bolts were out...
  16. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    In my experience, there was no “paint seal” between the hinge and the door. Some say you’ll damage your paint around the hinge when you take the hinge off, but I didn’t have that issue. It’s not even painted well around the hinge, you can see some of the bare metal even with the hinge on. I...
  17. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    okay brother, you win!
  18. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    google "why not to use WD40",on%20any%20type%20of%20gearing. again, glad it works for you, but there's much better options out there to consider before everyone begins spraying their $50K jeep...
  19. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    i've seen it being case by case based on this forum, that's something youd have to work out with Jeep. try to work with a case manager with jeep cares, in my experience theyve been very responsive and helpful in escalating things like this. I've worked with Brooklyn, i have nothing to complain about
  20. Pennsylvania PixelDecals Rubicon Hood Decals - $30 Shipped

    did you ever sell these?