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  1. Insight needed from Rubicon owners

    Thanks. It’s the Maximus Classic Hoop. It’s ridiculously well built and the paint finish is incredible.
  2. Rear Panel protection on 2020 Rubi 2dr

    Thanks man. These look awesome. Here is what I currently have...from your pic seems the LOD would provide a lot more protection. I have the Weathertec guards as well.
  3. Rear Panel protection on 2020 Rubi 2dr

    Love the look of these. Hard To see from the pic but do these come out close to the end of the fender?
  4. Rear Panel protection on 2020 Rubi 2dr

    I think the width of the board is key. Ones I have now, Magnums, run flush with the body with the exception of the step which protrudes out. It seems in order to prevent debris from hitting the back the sidesteps need to extend out to the width of the fender flare. Thanks
  5. Rear Panel protection on 2020 Rubi 2dr

    It’s been spoken about many times and it seems many new side steps have hit the market in the last 2 years. Has anyone definitively used a sidestep, mud guard combo that prevents rocks from hitting the rear fender flare and panel? I was just about to order the LOD Destroyers but figured I’d ask...
  6. Additional HP?

    Appreciate the reply folks given its Christmas Day. I do not do any real off roading so it’s really for an extra kick on the road and on the dirt roads I live on ( winter and mud season). Not invalidating the warranty is important so it seems my options are limited.
  7. Additional HP?

    Merry Christmas to everyone! Question on more simple engine/exhaust mods. I have a 2020 2 dr Rubi w/the 6 cyl which I absolutely love. I was wondering what mods can be done to increase HP( not by a huge amount but noticeable) that would keep warranty integrity( if possible ). Thanks and be safe!
  8. Going in 4WD over 45 mph

    It should be clarified that this “ slap “ comment was an expression to be taken on par with how ridiculous it sounds to be speeding during a snowstorm. I can promise you with 100% certainty that whether anyone feels invincible driving at these speeds in dangerous road conditions if you cause an...
  9. Tow Hook suggestion for stuck vehicle

    Funny you mention. My plow guy actually said “ how do you not have a winch on that thing” ..Christmas gift??? LOL
  10. Tow Hook suggestion for stuck vehicle

    Yeah I can see how it could be dangerous. In this instance it was a very simple tug so the Subaru could get traction out of my driveways culvert. My plow guy who also has a towing service suggested the nylon tow strap. Anything more involved and I would have called him. It was very convenient...
  11. Side Steps to prevent snow/mud on the doors and fenders

    As you can see in the pics I posted above I also have mud flaps and yes the stock Rubi tires are probably the worst for rock debris. That aside I love the LOD’s and can’t wiT to get them. Where did you order from?
  12. Tow Hook suggestion for stuck vehicle

    I’m happy to report.. my daughters car is out. I simply knotted the tow hook end to create a loop on the rear red tow hook. Used metal hook on the Subaru, gave the Rubi a little gas and out of the culvert with absolute ease. Thanks everyone.
  13. Side Steps to prevent snow/mud on the doors and fenders

    Oh nice!! I love the look! Ao you feel they extend out far enough to prevent rock from angling over to the rear fender flare and side panel?
  14. Tow Hook suggestion for stuck vehicle

    Thanks.. that’s my plan.
  15. Tow Hook suggestion for stuck vehicle

    Nah.. I’ll improvise.. like the gent said above.. I could easily rig something to avoid any metal on metal contact on my rig. Half the fun is experimenting.. LOL
  16. Tow Hook suggestion for stuck vehicle

    Thanks.. actually on further inspection o can just hook onto the steel loop next to my hitch. So all good and I don’t even have to use my red tow hooks 👍
  17. Just ordered my 392!

    No doubt. To each his own. That said by limiting certain options, as with anything, you limit many buyers as well. All this will change depending on how well received these are after being tested by the end consumer.
  18. (for those living in snow only): how often do you take your rig to the car wash in the winter?

    Spraying your vehicle off, especially the hard to get areas like hinges etc will go a long way to prevent pitting and rust.