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  1. ODB Jscan available for JL

    Just found it and yup that was it. I didn’t have to do that though and all went well ... 33” to 35”
  2. ODB Jscan available for JL

    I thought I read some thing that you have to reset something in another menu to get it to save .... one of the systems. I’ll see if/where I found or saw it.
  3. ODB Jscan available for JL

    May have t investigate to see if I need to re-invest in a better adapter :-)
  4. ODB Jscan available for JL

    Interesting on the MX+ Seat belt chime OFF is on the list...I haven't dug through the entire list of settings yet but that one is going on the list :-)
  5. ODB Jscan available for JL

    Nice ... I need to set the fog lights the next time I hook it up. My tire size is right but Im running about 2 mph slower now than the spedo says. Im going to try the next size back to see if that gets me closer. Update back with any new changes you try and your thoughts! Good Luck!
  6. ODB Jscan available for JL

    That would be great if it kept the SGW and allowed the OBD2 adapter to write to the CAN. I figure Ill gather my changes up...connect and write....and leave it for a few days in case I need to revert or change...then pull it. I hope I dont need it so much that I wish it was always connected. TPMS...
  7. ODB Jscan available for JL

    Yeah I think that may be why...the SGW ports are above the OBD2 ports and I know the stock port in not authorized to write to the CAN. Sounds like the AEV setup may not be actually bypassing the SGW...I dont know enough about that product to say though.
  8. ODB Jscan available for JL

    @SpookyXJ - Yeah sounds like something is not right in the bypass to OBD2 adapter isnt working and communicating right. That is similar to what happened before I had my bypass cable. JScan actually flashed a msg on the initial connection page that said I had a SGW and how to order a cable and...
  9. ODB Jscan available for JL

    @SpookyXJ - Yes thats the adapter I purchased. It pretty easy to use the whole setup. I actually found that on the adaptations pages there is a help icon ( ? ) and it will give you some of the info on how to adjust that setting. I set the wheel size and went for a drive...found that my speedo...
  10. Members old and new -- check in and wave hello!

    Just Checking in as a New Member! Just purchased a new 2020 JLUR in Punkin and am looking forward to getting back into wheeling again. I previously had a 2003 Rubi on 33's with a 3.5 RE kit. Great wheeler but life has a way of getting in the way sometimes. Time for ROUND 2! I can say Jeep has...
  11. ODB Jscan available for JL

    Hey JeepGA... New to the Forum as I just got my 2020 JLUR ...I just picked up a BTE 4.0 OBD2 adapter, the security cable and the JScan app for my 2020 JLUR. The only thing I did so far was adjust the settings for tire size from my stock tires to 35's. In total I have wrapped up about 75.00 in...
  12. Orange Rubi

    Orange Rubi