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  1. Attention dingy tow owners

    I don't recall having to install a brake switch, but the indicator light in the motorhome did light up when I stepped on the brakes. It has been almost a year since I did the install, but I'm almost certain I just wired everything up using only the CoolTech wiring harness for the JL and that was...
  2. Back Up Camera wire smashed

    Yes, in theory you should be able to solder in your own extension using another RCA cable. I just repaired mine vs extending, but the work required is the same. As long as you're careful and do a good job with insulating the inner cable from the outer mesh, you should be good. Heat shrink tubing...
  3. Back Up Camera wire smashed

    Unfortunately, I don't. I just texted a picture of the part to the dealer and they were able to look it up to give me a cost. Sorry.
  4. JL Mopar 2" lift (w/37"s) - trackbar

    Maybe 1/4" of material at most. Just took a few minutes, so nothing serious.
  5. Off-Road Camera (front facing) writeup

    Sure thing. Power source should be the larger red wire indicated below. Safest thing to do is to verify with a volt meter, but that's the one it was for me. If your camera is like mine and has the hot wire pigtailed off the RCA connector, just make sure you get a good connection. That wire for...
  6. Off-Road Camera (front facing) writeup

    No worries! Good luck and let us know how it turns out.
  7. Off-Road Camera (front facing) writeup

    Reverse camera is unaffected. Under the apps view, you'll still have the option for the backup camera and after adding the new camera and configuring the Tazer, you'll see a Cargo Cam option as well. When you put the vehicle in reverse, you can also toggle between the two cameras using the icons...
  8. Off-Road Camera (front facing) writeup

    Is yours a 2019? If so, the wiring could be a little different. Either way, it looks to me like the pins you need are open. Comparing your plug to the instructions from the Z Automotive site (, these appear to...
  9. New intermittent TPMS issues

    We have 17" Fuel Beasts with 35s and have the intermittent TPMS dropout issue. Mostly happens on the right rear, but we've seen it on all tires except the left rear. We have taken it to the tire shop who installed the wheels and tires twice, but the issue persists. We also took it in to the...
  10. Off-Road Camera (front facing) writeup

    Yea, it's reasonably high up under the dash if I remember correctly. I'd look, but my wife is out and about with her Jeep.
  11. Off-Road Camera (front facing) writeup

    I ran mine through a grommet in the firewall. There's one on the left side behind the dash which may just be a blank for you, so you might need to drill a small hole in it to pass the wire through. I had already used mine for passing some other wiring through on a previous project, so I just...
  12. Back Up Camera wire smashed

    I didn't have to reset the battery. If you're still getting a blue screen, I'd say the splice is bad at a minimum. You could always test the camera by redoing the splice and just hooking the camera up (without installing) to make sure it even works. Assuming the camera is good, I'd think you are...
  13. Back Up Camera wire smashed

    Correction. I looked up my chat history with the dealership and it was $76 for the cable. I broke mine in mid-August and at the time, he said I'd be lucky to have it by October.
  14. Off-Road Camera (front facing) writeup

    The camera I purchased had an option of having the guide lines or not having them. It was a matter of cutting a wire to disable it. I don't think tying it into the steering would be a straight forward process, but then again, all things are possible with time and money. :) I think the reason...
  15. Back Up Camera wire smashed

    Believe it or not, I made this exact same mistake when I put on a tire mount relocation bracket. I called the local Jeep dealership and they said they could get the wire for me, but it was over $100 and wouldn't be available for a couple of months. I ended up splicing my wire back together...
  16. Off-Road Camera (front facing) writeup

    On the camera end, I found a good ground on the bumper and grounded it there. I couldn't get the camera to work otherwise.
  17. Rubicon For sale - 5 x JL Rubicon Rims. No TPMS - Dallas, TX

    Just wanted to let you know the rims did sell this evening.
  18. Rubicon For sale - 5 x JL Rubicon Rims. No TPMS - Dallas, TX

    I've got someone who is supposed to be getting them from me today. If that falls through for some reason, I can let you know.
  19. Off-Road Camera (front facing) writeup

    Mine is still working great for me. No issues with it ever not working, and it hasn't gotten in the way of anything. The picture definitely isn't as clear as the rear camera, but it's not bad either. Overall, I've been really happy with the way it turned out. If you really want to feel like...
  20. Rubicon For sale - 5 x JL Rubicon Rims. No TPMS - Dallas, TX

    The other half is a unicorn. It's not for sale. :)