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  1. 392 ? Hacking the 99 miles per hour limit ?

    You're probably right, less likely to leave 0°/0° with the Porsche 😉
  2. Security Related Accessories / Theft Prevention

    Locking gas cap, and don't forget to lock the spare (I use a cable lock).
  3. Winches on Mall Crawlers?

    It's like a radar detector or a dash cam - the first time you really need it - it pays for itself. Towing/recovery ain't cheap.
  4. Rubicon snobbery?

    Yeah, pretty much anyone who refers to his Wrangler or Gladiator as a JLUR, or a JTR could be considered a RubiSnob 😉.
  5. Picked Up My 392 Yesterday!

    Dude, make it a sleeper, remove the '392' emblems, you might pick up a few bucks running it 😉.
  6. Acetone and HotHead Headliners - Warning! - and make fun of me if you want...

    With a black interior, I was way too OCD to install mine without first removing the top(s). Kudos to you for owning up and potentially saving someone else the same headache.
  7. Anyone else have this under their dash?

    IF you have an 8.4" Infotainment system....
  8. Totaled Mercedes. What’s Next?

    Just replace the Infotainment system head end - good bye Uconnect and their spying 😉
  9. Your favorite mod under $200

    This is an easy one - AutoStop ESS!
  10. Cable locks

    I use a cable lock for my spare (JT)
  11. There’s a hair in my R

    Actually, the gist was $$$$$$$$$$/hr U.A.W to $/hr McD. Oh, and boiling oil would kill any hair-borne pathogens. 😊
  12. There’s a hair in my R

    They should DNA that hair back to the overpaid monkey who installed it and put him on french fries.
  13. Stinger Heigh10 10" HeadUnit Upgrade in 2018 JL

    In case anyone is wondering, I updated the firmware (Stinger UN1810 Update 02-24-21) today without incident. 👍
  14. Livernois Mycalibrator Tune Claims 50HP Gains (on E85) for V6 JL Wrangler

    Those that have it, was it a bit of a headache going through the process? I'm experiencing a completely unnecessary amount of back and forth with them to get anything done. There doesn't appear to be any documentation covering the process (purchasing tuner + unlocked PCM) end to end.
  15. Teyes CC2 Head Unit Install for the Jeep JL

    I'm not a Teyes guy, but 'B+' is an old designation for battery power positive, so it should be on an unswitched circuit.
  16. Teyes CC2 Head Unit Install for the Jeep JL

    Try all 8's, it's a Chinese lucky number. Not being racist or anything, I lived there for 8 years and they use it a lot for default passwords.
  17. Debadging Problem

    What does this button do? 😁
  18. 2021 fix for water dripping into Jeep from top when the door is open?

    I have them, I live in Florida, I bought the cheaper ones off AliExpress and they work for me. If you really want something taped on to stick, use this first:
  19. DIY Motorized Rear License Plate Mount - Instructions

    Man, that's Einstein Pimp baby! 👍
  20. Reliability of aftermarket LED headlight bulbs (Beamtech)?

    Had mine for a few months now, no issues. I carry the original bulbs on board, just in case...