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  1. Good LED tail lights?

    For now I went cheap and put a set of CANBUS LED bulbs back there. Still uses stock fixture, but they are very bright and illuminate instantly like most LEDs. Was after mostly better visibility and getting the attention of the cell-phone using idiots behind me, and I think they do the trick...
  2. Q1 2021 Jeep Wrangler Sales Figures Sets First-Quarter Record

    My 2002 TJ was pretty stock and still ran great. I put new shocks on it recently. But my 21 JL rides and handles so much better. That being said I miss my TJ sometimes just due to how simple and old school it was. However I love the JL, it’s been great so far.
  3. Anyone else have this under their dash?

    Your truck has a GPS receiver and a cellular connection built in. That's how it works.
  4. Anyone else have this under their dash?

    Yeah, if that "middle of nowhere" still has cellular service that is. :)
  5. 2021 2.0 Engine Whine

    I can barely hear what is probably a slight turbo whine with the windows down on mine, can't say I've noticed it in the winter with the windows up and heater on though. Never heard it make a noise anything like that video though, that almost sounds like something is rubbing or grinding?
  6. Acetone and HotHead Headliners - Warning! - and make fun of me if you want...

    You don't have to sand that much. I did mine in place and it was no big deal to vacuum up what little bit there was. No itching so far :)
  7. Oil Change...debacle

    That's what I did. I got a 5-quart bottle of Pennzoil Ultra Platinum at Wally World online for $25. I have a 2.0 so the filter sits right next to drain plug, very easy to do an O/C on this vehicle.
  8. Oil Change...debacle

    Exactly! I changed my factory oil at 4,400 miles and it wasn't that black, not even close. I wonder if they changed it the first 2 times either for it to be that black...l
  9. 2020 JLU 2.0 Oil Change

    I was just using that as a point of reference. After all the oil has drained down overnight, it's about 1/4" above full mark. Exactly where it was when I got it. Was just referencing that as putting in 5 quarts and letting it sit overnight puts the oil level exactly the same as how it came...
  10. Stone Chips at Door Hinges

    After I saw my first chip like that, I wrapped my hinge faces with clear bra material. I had a roll of 4" wide material I used to line the door sills laying around so I just took my time and cut it to cover those areas. No new dings after that, and other than taking a few hours to cut and...
  11. Finally Kicking SiriusXM To The Curb!!!

    Last few times I've called I just tell them I want to renew the $5/month deal and they have no problem. It's also good for a year now vs six months it used to be. I just put a reminder on my calendar so that I don't auto-renew at full price and call a week in advance. It's not been an issue...
  12. 2020 JLU 2.0 Oil Change

    My 2021 2.0 had the oil about 3/8"" above full when I got it (when checked overnight cold). It never dropped any by the time I changed it at 4,400 miles. I put 5 quarts in when I changed it and it's in exactly the same spot on the dipstick.
  13. Ceramic coating pros and cons

    I dunno, it's a Jeep? I hand apply some Meguiar's ceramic hybrid stuff couple times a year and it looks great. Takes me less than an hour and costs a few bucks an application. Personally I would never pay a grand for some wax, no matter how good it is - but that's just me.
  14. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Cut out the Euro fender guard thingies on my Sport JLU. Couple of the metal threaded insert things spun loose in the plastic on the passenger side when I was removing them, they were really tight. I managed to grab them with needle nose pliers, and put light oil on the screws going back in and...
  15. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Changed the oil/filter (4,200 miles), change diff fluid front and rear (front looked new, rear was pretty grey and nasty looking), and did 5-tire rotation.
  16. Saw a bronco sport in the wild today

    I saw a few up close at the dealer, I don't think it's bad for the market it's aimed at. Reminded me a little of the original Escape, and I'm guessing they will sell a ton of them. It's not competition for the Wrangler, but will be cross-shopped by Renegade shoppers I'm sure.
  17. JL is Pretty Awesome

    I had a 2003 TJ 5-speed with 175,000 miles on it. Loved that thing, although wasn't my DD. The JL is so much nicer though, as you have found out. It's also my DD now so I appreciate the extra power, comfort and quietness compared to the TJ. The TJ was cool in its own way though, much more...
  18. Best LED Headlight Recommendations

    Me too, nobody's flashed me in six months and they are a vast improvement over the stock halogens. For $40, it's well worth it if you don't want to upgrade the entire fixture yet. I may get the Oracles during a sale just to get the halo/DLR feature but for now these Beamtech's have been solid...
  19. Rock crawling with 2.0T Non E-torque?

    Took my 2021 2.0T onto a forest road yesterday with about a foot of slushy snow in places, climbing back out it was no problem, didn't have any issues with throttle twitchiness or anything. Haven't had a chance to use 4L on any rocky terrain yet. This was at about 7,500 feet in Colorado. Also...