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  1. Daily Driver/Rockcrawler Mojito Build - 2019 JL Unlimited Rubicon

    Thanks man!!!! Hey we are only 1.5 hours apart :)
  2. Spring trip to Hidden Falls - April 3: pictures and video inside!

    Hahah well that’s really some of the most fun you will have wheeling. Really all the trails we did were easily doable in a stock Jeep as well. North Pole, north peak, rocky....all had optional stuff to play on but main trails were pretty easy and beautiful. We are going to try to run 4s next...
  3. Spring trip to Hidden Falls - April 3: pictures and video inside!

    This was one of the optional obstacles on the north pole trail👍🏻
  4. What psi are you running your 37s??

    I am running 26-28 psi in mine. 37/12.5/17 BFG KM2 Load Range D...they hold so much weight per tire you need to run lower pressure to not beat yourself up 😆also too high psi will cause wandering on the Highway as well.
  5. JLU Rubicon on 35s no lift

    Jeep covers every factory part still...they expect you to modify your Jeep so they made the warranty cover anything that is for example if you put a lift on your Jeep with new coil springs and shocks but everything else stays stock then Jeep will still cover everything on your...
  6. JLU Rubicon on 35s no lift

    There is no danger. Off-roading it’s actually better than a wider rim because the slightly narrower rim puts a bit more pressure on the bead of the tire acting like a beadlock at lower air pressure. I have 37/12.5 on my stock wheels and it has worked like a dream for 2 years brother has...
  7. JLU Rubicon on 35s no lift

    We built some of our own, but Teraflex has a great 3/4 bumpstop kit I would recommend
  8. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Icon doesn’t have the specs on their website and it’s not with the installation instructions I would give them a quick call...SKU number for front shocks 26523 and the SKU for the rear is 26524! Hope this helps!
  9. Just saw my first Jeep 4xe

    After research the federal tax credit of $7500 is applied just like a child tax credit so indeed your refund would be increased by that amount if you get tax refunds which is nice. I do not know about the state credits as Texas phased theres out last year.
  10. Just saw my first Jeep 4xe

    Also subtract the $7500 tax credit. Thats what most people forget with the 4xe
  11. Just saw my first Jeep 4xe

    The $7500 tax refund helps make up the cost disparity :)
  12. How’s your ride on 37s?

    You would not think a inch is worth it but offroad you can tell every inch you add or take away. Also its the clearance under the whole jeep when aired down as well. An aired down 37 will have a huge traction tire area advantage and still have same clearance as a 35 at full air pressure. Offroad...
  13. How’s your ride on 37s?

    We have run 35x12.5 on a 16x6 dually wheel for years on lifted duallys back in the day when there were no wheels choices out there...never had a problem over multiple trucks and towing 12K pounds. The lawyers make everyone nervous :) I run 37x12.5 on stock wheels as well and they tuck...
  14. How’s your ride on 37s?

    Yep only breaks have been with guys changing gears out for 5.13 or 5.38s etc. I am very comfortable with the beating mine has taken with stock 4.10s these components are very strong compared to the old days. Glad to have a Jeep that can run 37s in almost stock form. Just a 2 inch lift and some...
  15. How’s your ride on 37s?

    7 is what I have mine at and it changed the whole jeep. Jeep set the castor way too anemic on the JLs and caused all these death wobble issues. Its ridiculous. Easy to fix with lower control arms but we should not have to trouble shoot the geometry lol.
  16. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    My car seats (Recaro massive ones with side bolsters etc.) have both fit great no issues with room in the JL...been a family favorite for the kids...cannot wait to have both kids out of them though :P
  17. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Did a couple things before our trip to Hidden Falls.
  18. How’s your ride on 37s?

    While my 37/12.5 KM2s are very noisy the ride itself is soft and stable. Stock gears with 3.6 and I see 8th frequently on the interstate at 77-78 mph on level ground and if I do not have a head wind. MPGs dropped around 1-2 at highway recent 5 hour jaunt to Marble Falls, Texas I...