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  1. AEV ProCal SNAP

    I used a small nail from a picture hanging frame kit. Good luck
  2. Azusa Canyon OHV

    Last time I went up the 39 (Feb) they were using the area around Azusa Canyon OHV as a staging area for the repair crews doing work post Bobcat Fire. Likely not worth it, I can only imagine the amount of ash and fire debris draining towards the area this year. The fire literally burned towards...
  3. Southern California dealers with new steering gear box available?

    I just got this TSB done at Rydell in San Fernando. All parts in stock, made an appointment Monday, dropped off Tuesday, picked up Wednesday. Good luck!
  4. Poll: Did TSB 08-074-20 Fix Your Steering Issues?

    Finally got mine taken care of at 25,000 miles. Really happy with the results and was able to drive for a few hundred yards with hands off the wheel at 45 mph with no wander. Def could not do that before
  5. Building up a spacer lift?

    I'm running icon and think they're great for my DD, firmer than stock without feeling stiff. I've got buddies running Fox and Falcon shocks too on their DD Wranglers.
  6. Building up a spacer lift?

    Yes, definitely go with the longer after market shocks. 2.5” inches of lift is substantial over stock. The shock extenders might be a good temporary solution, but your ride (and life of your shocks) will be much better with the upgrade from stock. Nice part of about a spacer lift is that you...
  7. Building up a spacer lift?

    I put a 1.5" Teraflex spacer lift w/bump stops on my Rubicon after switching up to 35" tires. In addition to the kit I added Icon shocks & steering stabilizer. I highly recommend upgrading to longer shocks for the travel and improved ride. The fox shocks you have on hand should do the trick...
  8. Sun Visor Broken

    Sweet Jesus, 15 pages?!? This just happened to me and I thought it was as simple as tightening a few screws to fix. Good thing I have an appointment next week for other things...
  9. Mopar LCA swap

    Do a torque check on the leveling kit and LCA install and also consider upgrading your front track bar. I have a leveling kit on my Rubicon and had similar issues 1-2 weeks after install. Doubt the Mopar LCA's are the culprit for the DW
  10. Diode dynamics SS3 pro or?

    Just installed over the weekend and these bad boys are awesome. Install was a piece of cake, just make sure you have the 3" extension handy. Not sure if I'll be able to run them around the neighborhood because they are so bright, but these are a nice confidence bump in regards to safety for...
  11. Diode dynamics SS3 pro or?

    Thanks for the photos @kapk22 ! I was torn between the yellow and white lighting but really like how well the white matches up with the OEM LED, plus it's more functional for my DD set up. Gonna order a set of the pro fogs this weekend :beer:
  12. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    The Method bead grip has been awesome on my wheeling trips. I roll with 12-15psi without issue
  13. Rubicon owners . Dash display

    Mine says "Wash Me"
  14. 1.5 inch spacer lift...

    I felt like my steering was a little squirrelly after installing the spacers alone, so I ended up adding an adjustable front track bar to center the axle and adjustable sway bar links. I also upgraded to Icon 2.0 shocks. Still have the stock LCAs and it drives great after ~7k miles on this...
  15. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    Some Los Angeles snow
  16. Death Valley 12/19-12/20

    Nice! I was just up on the Saline side before the camp closure. Harry Wade/West Side Road is a nice drive coming in from Baker. Make sure you don't skimp on the fire wood. It was pitch black by 5:30 and it dipped into the teens each night. Happy trails!
  17. Pictures of camping with your Jeep

    Awesome, just got back from DV too. Managed 136 miles of dirt: Saline Valley South > Hunter Mt. > Tea Kettle > Racetrack > Lippincott > Saline Springs > Steel Pass > Eureka Dunes PS: Silt deposits on the north end of Hidden Valley are freshly plowed by yours truly
  18. Rattlesnake Canyon to Big Bear 11/7/20

    Are there dispersed camping spots along this trail?
  19. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    Sting Gray Trail Sandwich
  20. Death Valley 10/23

    Headed out last weekend with my daughter on a last minute trip. Kept it tame, up through Panamint Valley and took Wildrose up to Mahogany Flats, then dipped down to Furnace Creek. Temps are relatively mild, especially down in the valley, and the roads are in great condition. Can't wait to go...