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  1. Mopar JL Toolkit

    You will need the T-50 to remove the doors.
  2. Early buyers - Is your JL 3 years old yet?

    May 2018 build for ‘ol Loretta. She’s currently at 35,000 smiles!
  3. When to unmarry tazar JL mini

    I just got a notification about an over the air update for the Uconnect system. Do I need to unmarry the Tazer mini for this? I hit reschedule to select a date and time and when I opened the door of the Jeep to grab my phone to take a photo the Jeep cut off and the screen disappeared. It’s...
  4. Georgia Sahara wheels and tires

    are they 17 or 18” wheels?
  5. Georgia Sahara wheels and tires

    Still available?
  6. Tazer JL refurbs not avail right now... 8-(

    Thanks for the heads up, that’s good to know. However, my wife will 100% screw that up so I will leave it off for now unless I have a trip out to the boonies where Google Maps doesn’t have service.
  7. Tazer JL refurbs not avail right now... 8-(

    I did turn off the fog light dropout when the high beams are engaged 👍 I didn’t catch that bit about the NAV in the instructions: so make sure the NAV is turned off before parking/turning off the Jeep? Will the NAV stay on or something and drain the battery?
  8. Tazer JL refurbs not avail right now... 8-(

    Got my refurbished Tazer Mini in yesterday. Simple to install. For someone who has no prior experience with programmers and not a computer wizard by any stretch I would recommend having a laptop for the software and firmware updates. Looks like they support both Windows and Mac. I have a PC. I...
  9. My JL won’t turn on after switching speakers out!! Push button start does nothing!

    Likely a blown fuse if you cut the wire without disconnecting both the main battery and the aux battery.
  10. Wife drove in 4L for 20 Miles at 60 miles per hour.

    OP, can we get the story on why she had it in 4lo? It can’t be as bad as my wife blowing a 5.7L Hemi in her old Commander even though in “sounded like a jet” and the check engine light was flashing. She ran it around Pensacola in July with zero coolant. (An elbow crack in a coolant line and...
  11. AEV JL bumpers now available

    No license plate step on the rear bumper??? ... for shame... Frankly it's out of my price range and there's nothing that differentiates it enough from competitor's bumpers (that are arguably more functional and better looking for a wheeler) to come anywhere close to justifying the delta in...
  12. Stock lug nuts

    They are two piece
  13. So where is it lads?

    Definitely interesting. Definitely man-made. Unless, the aliens also use #12 counter-sunk, Phillips-head screws at a 12” spacing. Seems to me they would be using metric.
  14. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    ^ ^ Now I can see them groceries so well! This light is lit!
  15. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Installed the Brawlee light for the rear glass. Extremely pleased with the quality. I ran the wire through the existing channel and sleeve for the rear wiper and defroster. I did not wire it into the dome lighting. I will be running it to a toggle switch. I don’t want it coming on every time a...
  16. Cant get rid of death wobble

    That would be the first I’ve seen a dealer do that. Typically they would not miss an opportunity to put a ridiculous mark up on a set of wheels. I hope both you guys get it figured out.
  17. Cant get rid of death wobble

    All my past death wobble issues have been tracked down to the tires. Rotate and balance is a good start or even just do a rotation to see if anything changes. Losing wheel weights while wheeling is not an uncommon thing. If you’ve got the means to rotate at the house, start there. If you’ve got...
  18. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Best top choice right there! Love me a Bikini wrangler with the spice top. I think it looks awesome.
  19. Jeep Dog pics

    This dog loves Jeeping and camping. Here’s Finn again:
  20. Any Atlanta Jeepers out there?

    Perfect weather lately to hit Beasley Knob. I would advise you not to do it when it is wet. There are some very steep sections that turn sketchy quickly after a good rain. Also, the forest service has been known to close the trails for a day or two after a good rain event so it's best to call...