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  1. California Rubicon wheels / rims + Rubicon Rock Rails for sale just $300

    Well looks like they will be sold in about 10 hrs.If it does not workout I will let you know
  2. Post pics of your JL billet silver aftermarket wheels

    Thanks for all the great detail. Very helpful.
  3. Post pics of your JL billet silver aftermarket wheels

    Maximus-3 JL SLP HOOP with reinforcement brackets....high quality for sure.
  4. Post pics of your JL billet silver aftermarket wheels

    True beadlocks are now on with a few other goodies. Pretty happy about it.
  5. Alpine SPV-65-JLT

    Thanks for the info. Keep us posted. I would like to keep the 8.4 unit and the factory Alpine Sub(seems to. be enough base for me) I am looking for the ultimate high quality speaker replacement that fits for all speakers -except the factory Alpine sub and if possible one simple high quality...
  6. Am I Crazy to want to keep Stock Wheels?

    Yes they are BFG M/T. I typically aired down to 12lbs prior to Beadlocks.
  7. Guess I should have ordered a Ford Bronco!

    That’s the oldest trick in the book. I am sold. Wait! I have a bottle opener on the bottom my flip flop sandals. Don’t get me wrong I like all Bronco years.. not the Bronco ll from back in the day. Maybe the wife gets the new Bronco(LOADED) and I keep my Jeep that sounds like a plan to me.
  8. Am I Crazy to want to keep Stock Wheels?

    Ok made the jump. Stock Rubis are great(super light). But today moved to the full Mopar beadlock. (7.5” wide to 8.5” wide rim.) check out how the tire shape changed due to the rim width(7.5” to 8.5 “ ). .I like that the new Mopar Beadlock off-set pushes the tires & rims a bit. There is...
  9. Am I Crazy to want to keep Stock Wheels?

    I ran stock Rubicon rims on 37’s with a 2 inch lift on mine for the last 3 years and was extremely happy. However, today I am having the Mopar beadlocks installed (full true beadlock 8.5”) today. Only reason I want to be able to air down to low psi (5-9 psi) and I really like the look. NOTE...
  10. Alpine SPV-65-JLT

    I would love to hear if someone added these to the 8.4 Alpine system and if the made a substantial difference in sound quality.
  11. California Rubicon wheels / rims + Rubicon Rock Rails for sale just $300

    Thanks. I wish I was retired I would be up for a road trip to VA.
  12. Beadlocks

    I just received my mopar beadlocks with the true beadlock ring for the JLU Rubicon. Is anyone running these rims with the Apex valves. If so what size(standard or XL)and does the stock Rubicon TPMS work with the Apex valves. Thanks.
  13. Beadlocks

    I want to get the Apex valves. However, thoughts on their customer service. I have e-mailed and left a voice mail , get voice mail earlier this week with no response back. just want to confirm what size valve for the Mopar Beadlocks. I assume the standard and no the XL’s.. but want to make...
  14. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I hear you I am feeling the same way. I have waited 3 years for more upgrades . I just ordered below items and I am getting delivery’s daily. It is so cool! I think I am good for while.I have to stop for now. Really looking forward to installing these items and getting on the trail/dunes to...
  15. Beadlocks

    Thanks. If you could post a picture that would be great. On the lift what shocks and Ion the on road/freeway pretty good/smooth compared to stock or? Off road no problem and sweet I would assume. I want to make that same move. It’s just. I got mine really tuned in and drives on road perfectly...
  16. Beadlocks

    Nice! What lift are you running for the 39’s . I have 37 BFG muds. Looking to go to 39’s.
  17. Beadlocks

    Check these out.. just came across them on another thread. I am getting them as well. Sweet!
  18. Beadlocks

    I have been on the fence. By the way the Hutchinson Rock Monsters are sweet. I ended up going with the Mopar beadlocks (ordered the other day)with the true beadlock ring. I like that I can run them either way (DOT rash ring or true beadlock ring). I like that there is a ring that can grind and...