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  1. CELeste: P2297, P2459

    Yes it only took a few hours for them to put the new sensor on so I basically drove home and back. I did get to take the highway though :angel: Let me just say too that I am so thankful I decided to get that extra warranty at the dealer when I purchased CELeste. I haven't had to pay for any...
  2. CELeste: P2297, P2459

    While my O2 sensor is being replaced today I get to play with this
  3. CELeste: P2297, P2459

    The drive to Maine was really fun! We did some city driving and stopped in Philly to stay the night. We went from there to Portland, Maine and then to Bar Harbor where we drove around Acadia National Park and also did some hiking. On the way back to Virginia we drove down the coast to check...
  4. CELeste: P2297, P2459

    2020.10.28: CELeste’s 5th trip to the doctor. In my dentists parking lot. Due to covid someone now walks to see who's arrived for an appointment. The hygienist told me that she recognized me because of the Jeep, and told me that a lot of Jeeps have parked in this spot today. I remark, "maybe...
  5. Exhaust System Regeneration?

    I'm almost at 10k miles now and haven't seen that message pop up again. It might have had something to do with my throttle issues?
  6. People that had issues with EcoDiesel

    We ate so many lobster rolls! The best was at Highrollers. Hour wait but totally worth it.
  7. People that had issues with EcoDiesel

    You guys probably remember my issues. However, we just drove from Richmond VA to Bar Harbor ME with absolutely no issues and got 30 mpg! It was a blast!
  8. Power Steering Issues?!

    So far Celeste is not having this issue *fingers crossed* I'm at almost 6k miles. Hopefully they fix it for you!
  9. Just got road raged by a Karen

    Just sayin, I'm a pretty safe driver. Never been in an accident that was my fault and my car insurance is less than 100 dollars a month for full coverage for a new Jeep and sports car.
  10. Just got road raged by a Karen

    I've noticed a lot of hostility so far 6 months into being a Jeeper. Never had anything like it driving my Camaro. Today she (tiny hatchback) actively tried running me off the road, break checking and even driving on the wrong side of the road to do so. All because she was asleep at the green...
  11. Need Prayers sent to me. I am taking about 15 Jeep women camping and Jeeping this weekend.

    Omg that sounds so fun! I need some Jeep girlfriends to go camping with
  12. Anyone have the Gobi JL 4DOOR Sky One Touch STEALTH RACK?

    I'm thinking about getting one but I want to see pictures of it when the top is back.
  13. CELeste's first trip to the doctor

    Yikes. That code hasn't popped back up since my fix.
  14. Start of 3.0 Production

    Yep she's running perfectly.
  15. CELeste's first trip to the doctor

    I like MILton :CWL: Just putting it out there again though that I haven't had any issues since my throttle cable and EGR fixes that I've posted about. Things are great. Almost 3k miles now.
  16. Diesel JLU Yellow Can Club

    How did I miss this thread!? :crying: Can I still order a sticker?
  17. 450 miles 2nd trip to dealer :(

    The first issue I had was a CEL, our code reader (torquepro on Android) found "3x P26FB: EGR Cooler Bypass Control Stuck Closed Bank 1" Celeste was running fine at this point, just with a CEL. The dealer techs looked over everything and checked the voltage, cleared the codes and said it might...
  18. BUYERS BEWARE...3.0 Diesel...JeepDOESNTCare

    I feel you. My shop seems to have fixed my issue for good this time *knock on wood*. Runs perfectly. Posting my shops fix again just for visibility.
  19. 3.0 Diesel EGR tube plugged

    This is from the recent throttle cable fix.