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  1. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    The factory upgraded Alpine system really is not all that better and not worth the upcharge if you ask me. But on the other points... I see your point.
  2. Guess I should have ordered a Ford Bronco!

    I'm still a little bent that they BOTH left us beer can drinkers behind! Not everyone of us Jeepers can afford those high fallootin' bottled beers!!!!
  3. Best way to carry extra gas?

    Yep, definitely carrying extra fuel is gonna add extra weight that has to go somewhere. Where.... that's up to the individual. Not sure if he has beefed up his tailgate with an aftermarket brace or wants to add one... He could also just add 5 gallons instead of the full 12 to keep weight...
  4. Mopar OEM Hitch versus Off Brand?

    I went with the extended hitch version from Curt. I suggest the same if you run want to run a bike rack etc to reduce conflicts with the spare tire.
  5. Best way to carry extra gas?

    Check out the Titan Trail Trekker fuel tank. Mounts on the rear between the tailgate and spare tire, and holds 12 gallons. Uses a super siphon to transfer the fuel into the Jeep. Compatible with most spare tire carriers too.
  6. Maryland 2020 JLUR Take off parts

    Which version of the tire carrier are you selling?
  7. What Tailgate Table do you run?

    If it is a problem, could you just take a razor to it with a straight edge and trim it back?
  8. New Steering Box, why all this fluid

    Good point and while we are at it, someone should warn him about the OEM speedometer and obeying posted speed limits...
  9. Thoughts about winches

    You can call Warn directly, they will tell you what works and give you tips for install.
  10. New Steering Box, why all this fluid

    Yes, but there is more to it than that, regardless I would not worry about it.
  11. Interior Rear Chase Light Bar

    While lights are plentiful the challenge would be finding a suitable bracket. Have you considered the MOPAR 3rd brake light relocation bracket that mounts in the center of the spare tire? You could use this bracket with the light of your choice, enabling you to maintain the clean/stock look...
  12. New Steering Box, why all this fluid

    While you cited the law correctly... if you reviewed relevant case law you would have seen that no crime was committed by this owner for simply leaving his dashcam activated within his own vehicle.
  13. Thoughts about winches

    Great to hear whenever a company stands behind their products... even greater when they take your word for it and just send out the fix to get you back up and running! This is why I chose Warn for my 98 TJ back in 2000 when I added their XD9000i and haven't looked back. Now, I never...
  14. Oracle Led Reverse Light

    It's a god damn shame that companies standing by their products is rare nowadays... I had an this same issue with just one of their lamps, they communicated with me quickly and sent out a replacement almost as quick. So I will stick with them! Looking into their cargo lamp wiper housing...
  15. Bronco vs. Wrangler - Door and Roof Removal Comparison by Car and Driver

    In the Northeast we have POTHOLES! Knocking Jeeps out of alignment since 1941!
  16. Bronco vs. Wrangler - Door and Roof Removal Comparison by Car and Driver

    Speaking of pygmies, if I was one of these soon to be Ford Bronco placeholders with all these delays... Right now, I'd be madder than a jungle pygmy that got hit in the head by a can of creamed corn during a food drop!
  17. Bronco vs. Wrangler - Door and Roof Removal Comparison by Car and Driver

    So in a nutshell, American Bantam designed the car, Willys the engine and Ford's factories provided the production might. And the 1965 Bronco was designed to compete with Jeep CJ and IH Scout... Just as the 2021 or is it now 2022 Bronco has been designed to compete against the JL and JLU basing...
  18. Bronco vs. Wrangler - Door and Roof Removal Comparison by Car and Driver

    Of course Ford built them during the War. Just like Singer produced Colt 1911's. They needed to ramp up production for the war effort. Ford GPW = G: Government contract, P: 80-inch wheelbase, and W: Willys design. It was until 1965 when Ford introduced the Bronco to compete against the...
  19. Bronco vs. Wrangler - Door and Roof Removal Comparison by Car and Driver

    Obviously all mirrors are removable to one extent or another, but if they could be folded along with the arm's - that would be nice. 'Cuz who doesn't Ike to see a rooster tail of mud, snow or sand now and then?