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  1. Falcon 2.1 shocks 400 miles

    Text me and Ill send out the pics. Had quite a bit of interest so far. Case - 512-788-3770
  2. Falcon 2.1 shocks 400 miles

    The shocks are for 2.5-4” lift.
  3. Falcon 2.1 shocks 400 miles

    Hey guys looking to sell my Falcon 2.1’s. Literally brand new. 400 miles on them. I had them on my JL while my custom Kings were being built. (King’s came In early) Really nice shocks they worked and road great on my Rock Krawler 2.5. $470 shipped to the US. I am located in Denver CO...
  4. A Storm Is Coming! Black Friday at

    I did the same!! Hopefully MOTO can keep up with the demand!! Booby is great to deal with BTW.
  5. The Aftermarket Bumper List (JL / JLU Wrangler)

    Finally had time to throw my Westin rear bumper on . Quite impressed with the overall look and fit. First bumper I’ve seen that comes with exposed pinch seam covers really a clean look. Two thumbs up to Westin.
  6. No name JLUR build!

    Great looking build Sapper. Let me know next time your out wheeling near Denver. I'm always up for it. CJ
  7. RK 2.5 installed with 37’s

    I just ordered a set. Should cure the rubbing with a little less travel. Hopping to only use 1”
  8. RK 2.5 installed with 37’s

    Got my Rock Krawler loft installed with 37s honestly thought it would be taller. Little disappointing. I would do 3.5 lift if I was starting over. (JK lifts were always taller from RK) Getting quite a bit of rub when I flex off-road with the 37s. Well see. Overall ride is pretty close to stock...
  9. A little Moab and Colorado Fun, end of July through Mid-August

    I would be up for some wheelin in MOAB or CO. I live in Broomfield, CO.
  10. 2.5 plus lifts need caster correction

    Last question. How much lift do you net with the 2.5?
  11. 2.5 plus lifts need caster correction

    Awesome to hear! Hoping to install this weekend. Are those 37's? If so, have you flexed much?
  12. 2.5 plus lifts need caster correction

    I just received my RK 2.5 lift. Do you have any pics installed ? How was the install?
  13. Warn winch mount plate

    Will you do $150 shipped?
  14. Trail protection

    So I’m all about a Jeep being used for exactly what it’s built for however I like it to look nice on and off the trails. Has anyone found or thought of ways to protect the paint while on the trails ? The JK had the magnetic cover however with the aluminum doors those won’t work. Thoughts, ideas??
  15. Rock Krawler 2.5?

    I am in the same boat bud. Missing all kinds of wheeling
  16. Suggestions for where to "break in" Rubicon JLU in CO, in early May

    Awesome!! Send me your number. Still waiting on my lift. What are you wheeling?
  17. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Nice what lift did you go with? How’s the ride?
  18. Thumbs up for JKS quick disconnects!

    Are these JL specific? Where did you order from?
  19. 35" and 37" JL pics with lift kit

    How does the sky hacker and 37s ride?
  20. Hood Lettering Decals

    Are these decals the exact size and shape of the factory? For example if I wanted to just cover up the red.. would the outline work ?