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  1. Dash Mount Phone Holder

    I have the bulletproof mount for my jtr and my wife has 67Designs in her jlur. She likes the 67Deisgns, but loves the bulletproof one due to being able to use the middle of the dash area.
  2. JL Wrangler vs Bronco rigs side by side look

    thats the bronco. the sport is the yellow one on the left of the pic here.
  3. Made the switch today

    Wife and I plan to do some overlanding with the kids. The jt bed has the room we need for all the stuff while also carrying the tent for the kids and the jl can carry some stuff and a tent for us.
  4. Made the switch today

    So earlier today I made the switch from JL to JT. Dont worry, the JL is staying in the family because I gave it to my wife. I'll be here to post photos of her build on what she wants to do with the JL while I'll be posting my JT on the Gladiator forum. The JL is a 2018 unlimited rubicon.
  5. RUBICON RECON Edition JL Club Thread

    The local dealership has a Sarge Green Recon Edition for 60K. From what I've seen on the website is that they haven't lowered the price with rebates/discounts. I am pre-approved with my credit union. How low should I try to talk them down to?
  6. RUBICON RECON Edition JL Club Thread

    Just joined the forum and currently have a 18 jlur. Looking at getting a recon in late 21/early 22. Anyone know if the recon will still be produced then?