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  1. Ok, is this Normal???

    So just to follow up..I took my Jeep back to the dealer to have a couple things done and while there I had them check my spring/sway bar situation. Like mentioned here, nothing out of whack but the issue is caused by the relative bowing of the springs....They did confirm things are installed...
  2. Post your extended warranty price here

    Not sure but I know they go up the more miles you have and the closer you get to the end of your factory warranty..and if your factory warranty is expired
  3. Show the stickers / decals you've added to your Jeep Wrangler JL

    Gig 'Em Class of '92 Thank you for your service
  4. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I extended my warranty on it!! Hope I never have to use it!! Maybe it'll be one of those INVISIBLE additions. :)
  5. Show us your unique hood decals!

    Very Nice Work. Wish I could've seen more of the pics you have on the instagram link, but when I started scrolling it wanted me to log in to instagram.......I've avoided social media and ain't starting now. :bandit: Looks like you're the source for anyone here to turn to for vinyl decals.
  6. Will any damage be done to the transmission if I don’t regear?

    With the tazer, what exactly are you re-programming? (I don't have much knowledge regarding what all the tazer does).
  7. Will any damage be done to the transmission if I don’t regear?

    I have 35's and running stock gears (4.10) and things seem fine. However I usually don't seem to notice what gear I'm in. I guess if you plan to do extensive off-roading, then could be more justifiable.
  8. Who’s ‘Upgrading’ to a Subaru?

    I'm glad someone finally Said It!!!!!!!
  9. Post your extended warranty price here

    You weren't kidding.. I called Tom and was quoted a 6yr/85K miles for $ longer mileage coverage and cheaper. Highly recommend Tom.
  10. Texas Ok..Is this normal??

    Jay thank you for the reply. That makes me feel more at ease. I accidentally posted this here in the marketplace forum and have therefore also posted in the General discussion forum. So thankfully I’m able to get tons of advice and explanation which has been extremely helpful. One person...
  11. Ok, is this Normal???

    Wow!!! Thank you for that link. Man the bowing on that guys springs is horrendous. I bought my Jeep 10/2018 so probably did fall in one of the earlier stages or batch of Mopar lifts for the JL. Since the dealer installed it they should back it.
  12. Ok, is this Normal???

    I’ll definitely double check that. I’m going to go by the dealer and have them look at this issue that I’m having for confirmation. I will also have them look at the springs and double check the alignment of them given that they installed them. Some of the bowing appearance may be due to the...
  13. Ok, is this Normal???

    The circled area is the space gap I’m referring to and questioning. Drivers side Passenger side. Thank you.
  14. Ok, is this Normal???

    No no denting. Looks just to be scuffing of the plastic bumper part that sticks out and in cases the fog light. Look like there were a few scratches on the under surface of the steel bumper part with a little bit of red paint markings. Whatever caused it was definitely low impact or a grays. I...
  15. Texas Ok..Is this normal??

    Didn't notice that till you pointed that out....that will obviously affect the relative positioning of each part. Thank you. Will the bowing of the springs affect the functionality of them. BTW, I reposted this post in the general discussion as I didn't realize until after posting here (in...
  16. Ok, is this Normal???

    I even drove to the dealer and looked on the lot for comparison... the best I could find was a JL with a 4 inch lift and 38" tires. The gap between the spring was more than I see on mine and the sway bar even tilted more upward from front to back, where as mine seems pretty level (in my last pic...
  17. Ok, is this Normal???

    I hope I have now posted this is the right forum area I noticed a scuff on my front driver's bumper making me think someone has probably backed into I starting looking around pretty thoroughly inside the bumper, frame, and under the Jeep and didn't notice anything bent or out or whack...
  18. Texas Ok..Is this normal??

    And I realize I've posted this thread in the wrong area......Maybe someone with more skill can move it to the right place :swear: