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  1. ESS on a diesel!?

    Get the JL Tazer and set it up and you will never have to worry about pushing that button again. I've had one on mine since March. The Tazer remembers your setting that was last used, so if ESS is turned off when the Jeep is turned off then it will start like that the next time.
  2. EcoDiesel Fuel Filter

    I wish there was a screen to tell you the life of the fuel filter like there is for the life of the oil.
  3. EcoDiesel Fuel Filter

    I have 21 k on mine and I changed the filter at 17 k. I never got a light or a message to change the filter.
  4. FIRECRACKER RED Wrangler JL Club

    Just got done cleaning her up.
  5. Took a young man wheeling with us and he created one of the coolest Jeep videos I have seen. It is a must watch!

    That was well done. The kid definitely has a future in editing or production.
  6. Your 3.0L Diesel's MPG's, share with the class.

    That's the problem I have with my EcoDiesel, can't keep my foot out of it.
  7. Diesel Lift Kit?

    Thanks Mike! The lift is not Diesel specific, it's Metal Cloaks 3.5 GameChanger. It has 37's on it and yes it's Rubi. I'm not sure about the front bumper because I already had the ends off before I installed the lift.
  8. Diesel Lift Kit?

    I'm loving the MetalCloak Gamechanger 3.5. The ride with the RockSport shocks is great.
  9. 35" and 37" JL pics with lift kit

    I just crawled under the Jeep to check out the sway bar and the DEF tank. Looks like I have 1/2"-3/4" between the two. I know in the instructions there are two ways to install the sway bar. I flipped mine per the instructions and used the spacers.
  10. 35" and 37" JL pics with lift kit

    So far I haven't had any issues with the lift, I'll have to crawl under it tomorrow to confirm there's no rubbing of the rear swayer.
  11. 35" and 37" JL pics with lift kit

    I went with the 17x9 -12 offset with 4.5 backspacing. I'm very happy with them
  12. 35" and 37" JL pics with lift kit

    MetalCloak 3.5 GameChanger with Fuel Covert rims Tires are Nitto Trail Grapplers 37x12.5x17
  13. Diesel for sale

    Sorry to see it go because I've watched the work you've put into that beast. It's a great looking Jeep and hopefully you find a good home for it.
  14. Diesel Lift Kit?

    Did they say how long it would take to get the lift to you? I just had a buddy cancel his RK lift because it had been 9 weeks since he ordered. The kit he canceled was for a JK.
  15. Diesel Lift Kit?

    As of now the Jeep is level.
  16. Diesel Lift Kit?

    This kit is for the 3.6 and so far I'm loving it. The ride is great and has a good amount of lift.
  17. Diesel Lift Kit?

    I just got done installing my MetalCloak 3.5 Game Changer on my EcoDiesel. I love the ride and the quality of the lift. Everything went on as it should and performs as expected.
  18. FIRECRACKER RED Wrangler JL Club

    Just got done installing the 3.5 Game Changer on my EcoDiesel. Love it!
  19. 3.0 MODS - Show em off

    I ordered the part from Mopar Discount parts online. Here is a picture of the part number.