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  1. When do you REFUEL?

    Only use my JL for off roading, so I fill up after each trip, even if a shorter trip, the. I’m ready with a full tank for the next trip...wheel at least 3 days a week.
  2. 31,000 miles in a year and no issues!

    18 months, 31K miles, only minor issue with Uconnect, was flashed at dealership, all good now.
  3. Opinions on Hartop Headliner?

    Installed the Hotheads head liner and instantly noticed better sound out of the stereo , and I live and wheel in the Phoenix Az desert and it does help in keeping the heat down in the cab in the summer. Would think it would help with the cold too, just don’t have any experience yet...
  4. Arizona owners - please check in!

    not from down south, but love exploring that area of the state, lots of great trails... heading for Bull Springs Rd in a week, then off to the Chiricahua’s..
  5. Typical jeep owner aside, there is just no reason for people to own a Jeep Wrangler

    Was driving an old Baja bug, my mechanic told me to buy a 4 wheel drive, saw an old blue CJ, bought it and no divorce in site, upgraded to a TJ, now a JL..
  6. Jeep Wave Double Standard

    I’ll wave at CJs, YJs, TJs, JKs, etc, don‘t really make a point to see if they wave back. Also wave at any vehicle on non paved trails.
  7. Tazer jl mini button mapping

    I have the same issue, works great in 2 wheel drive until I hit 30mph then it reconnects, I know there is a setting to allow the sway bar to be disconnected at any speed in 2 wheel drive, but have been unable to get that process to work. the Jeep is going to another shop shortly and hopefully...
  8. BIKINI Wrangler JL Club

    when ordered thought she was blue, but she’s grown on me.
  9. How are those 18’s early 19’s holding up?

    Just passed 30k on my 19, 2L eTorque, used exclusively to get to trails and explore, no issues other than the Uconnect system would shutdown while driving, delearship flashed it and hasn’t happened again. very Pleased so far....
  10. JL Mopar front facing camera available?

    Have the Zautomotive camera on my JL, worked fine, then had the Uconnect flashed at the dealership and camera has never worked since. visited two different dealerships and both said no options for retro fit on the front camera for prior to 2021 models.. Three Offroad shops and one delearship...
  11. Thoughts about winches

    Bought a Warn 8000 lb winch in 1980 for my JC7, sold my CJ and bought a new TJ IN 2002 and put that winch on my TJ, sold my TJ IN 2019 and the 40 year old winch still worked..(and during the TJ years was used often) When I bought my JL of course I bought another Warn winch-VR10. only have had...
  12. What fuel do you use for your turbo 4?

    I use premium, for the investment I’ve made in this Jeep, I thinks it’s worth premium gas.
  13. CarlinKit 2.0 Reviews?

    Ordered for my Jl, wondering anyone’s else’s experience or if they found a better dongle sulotion? This unit gets mixed reviews on YouTube and on Amazon. Do we need to unplug this unit if we are going to plug our iPhone in for wired charging and CarPlay?
  14. What else do you drive?

    Monday & Wednesday wheel the JL, Friday the FJ.
  15. ARB Compressor - single vs. dual

    With a tank and a dual compressor you can run power tools. I have the dual for tire inflation, takes my 35s from 12 psi to 28 in about 1 min 35 seconds a tire
  16. 2.0 Turbo with 35s or 37s PICS

    Teraflex 2.5“ with 35 MTRs
  17. Reliability

    On my 3 rd Jeep, my CJ broke often, my TJ a few times, mostly on hard core trails. Just passed 24K on 2019 JL, with no issues. On my 2nd FJ cruiser, 1st one had 190k when I traded it in, the current one has 60k.. 1/4 of million miles between the two and they never left me stranded.. And yes, I...
  18. GAIA (With Offroad Navigation) for CarPlay is finally live!

    GAIA is great, but not perfect. Found several new off road trails with GAIA maps, that don’t all show on my JL nav scree or Garmin NUVI. Most are on my Garmin InReach, but having GAIA being Car Play ready makes it nice that I can use on my JL or FJ as they both have Car Play. As previously...
  19. Best way to sell stock takeoffs?

    I have good luck on selling JL & FJ take off parts on eBay
  20. Is the U-connect with Nav a "must have" for most buyers?

    Don't find the The 8.4 nav screen of any value, limited amount of way points, between Google maps, Apple Car Play with GAIA maps, Garmin NUVI and my Garmin InReach, way more valuable for finding city stuff and off road trails. Don’t know why I mention city stuff, use mainly for off road.