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  1. Arizona Owners parts sale/trade thread ...

    DynoMax Muffler Delete $60
  2. “Stealth” hidden smittybilt H2O 12k winch install on Maximus-3 winch plate

    No problems at all. I have used the winch a couple times now and jave been surprised how convenient it really is. There is no reason to have it on the top with configuration IMO. I wished I had taken the time to index it like you did. If I ever take apart the front end for whatever reason I...
  3. Arizona Owners parts sale/trade thread ...

    SOLD Daystar aftermarket fixed length front lower control arms $20 These are the same length as the extended Mopar control arms used with the Mopar lift. Good for 1.5 - 2.5" lifts. 4 out of the 8 bushings were just replaced. The other 4 need to be replaced. Daystar replaced first 4 for...
  4. Mounting a Smittybilt 2781 Compressor?

    Well, I mounted the 2781 in the cargo area full time. I recorded as much as possible but towards the end I wasn't able to record everything. I also ran into an issue with the pressure switch so had to take it out for a more simple install. For now. I'll figure out the pressure switch issue when...
  5. IronRock Off-road JL 3" Premium Series Lift Kit

    They are very popular with the older Jeeps. I ran their 4" lift on my WJ Grand Cherokee. Never had any issues. I know plenty of WJ owners who have done their long arm kits as well. All good experiences.
  6. AEV JL bumpers now available

    Or you could just go all out ($71k is what I believe it read)
  7. Video Install Of The Trailrax Pak Rax

    Unrelated question, sorry Did you ever have a video showing the final touches on the arb wiring and air lines in the rear cubby? It looks like to get the air out you would either have to drill through the cubby it self or you would have to exit the cubby area into the cargo space which isn't...
  8. Battery Pack for Fridge Question

    I have the Jackery 500. It's been awesome. I made a mount so it sits snuggly between the rear seat and the sport cage up against the window using the Hardtop bolts. Takes up zero space k in the primary cargo area. I use it for my Alpicool CF55. It does a day easy in bad conditions. Much longer...
  9. Mounting a Smittybilt 2781 Compressor?

    Sorry don't have any pics but you've got the right idea. I have a large car audio style fuse in the area between the fender and the battery. I have the wiring drop in along the frame rail after coming in by the grill and radiator.
  10. Turn on rock lights temporarily when unlocking the doors?

    The last time I messed with capacitors I got stuck in the wrong year.. .. Wait different story 😂 If the relay gets it working without the dim I'll be happy with out any additional steps.
  11. Turn on rock lights temporarily when unlocking the doors?

    OP here Well I eventually got around to installing some rock lights about two weeks back and then tonight got around to connecting it up to the courtesy lights with a diode. I went with Sunpie RGBW rock lights because I wanted true white. Ive encountered an issue with the lights when...
  12. What good is GPS Recording your Trail? Worked better in the JK..

    I have the 8.4 in a Rubicon, not sure if it's available on all configurations Nav > Where To > Trails
  13. Mounting a Smittybilt 2781 Compressor?

    I'm in Mesa. Taking full advantage of this weather. Went tropless for the first time recently. Went out to Box Canyon Florence today.
  14. Mounting a Smittybilt 2781 Compressor?

    Awesome, glad to hear! I have since converted to standard connectors and added in a dual inflator setup. Sounds like we're still matching haha
  15. Best place/method to relocate winch solenoid

    I used a hose clamp and then attached it to the outside framerail on the passenger side
  16. Larger Rear Storage Cubby

    Interesting project. Neat to see the tub removed. Any specific plans with the additional storage?