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  1. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I made metal brackets for a cargo shelf. The height above the floor and it's size are adjustable to your needs. Mine is made to compliment the function of my DIY Camping/Sleeping Platform from a prior video. Hope you find this idea interesting. I CAN confirm that it can support 165 lbs.
  2. Anyone running a Awning?

    Here'a a DIY awning design that has many features of a batwing awning. It's easy to put up, take down, plus other awesome features...and it's inexpensive and easy to make...
  3. Dealer wants $660 to change differential fluid

    DIY Transfer Case & Differential Oil Change. It is very simple to do yourself, and will save you over $400!!! What could you do with that $400...for your Jeep?!
  4. Rear Tire Saddle Bags?

    How much weight can you add before you should begin to worry about it?
  5. what to use to clean engine bay

    This video covers some of what's been shared here.
  6. What is this milky substance?

    Hey Texgoat, You are brilliant. Thank you for the well explained answer. Cheers
  7. What is this milky substance?

    Hey Folks, In the attached image, I am pointing to this milky substance at the base of a hose? I'm not a mechanic and don't know what the hose is. The engine is the 3.6L in a 2018 Sahara JL. I am at over 96,000 kms, and just changed the oil, and everything in the oil seemed fine. Any thoughts...
  8. What’s your wash and dry process?

    Some technique and product tips for anyone interested in some spring cleaning. What product do you find most helpful when cleaning your vehicle...
  9. Pictures of camping with your Jeep

    I built this in anticipation of camping opening up soon. It's self supporting, as the support pieces underneath are interconnected with notches cut into them, so no fasteners required, it's modular and cost around $50 (CDN).
  10. Mopar Cabin Air Filter Replacement DIY Writeup

    No worries. I just thought if someone needed to see it in video, it's available. Cheers.
  11. Mopar Cabin Air Filter Replacement DIY Writeup

    Hey if you wanted to see the process on video, go to the 4:00 minute mark in this video.
  12. Chapter closing

    All the best, and I'd have to agree with your comments about the members in this forum.
  13. removing rear seat and cargo area

    Hey folks, if you wanted to camp in your Jeep and were interested in how to remove the rear seat of the Wrangler JL, including models with the gap cover, you might enjoy the following video. Stay safe and well.
  14. Picked up retirement present to myself, new JL Willys

    Please add me to the Jeep Retirement Present club. I highly recommend the
  15. Should I change Tires - Show me - JLU Sahara, No Lift

    Great thread. I've been contemplating Rubicon take off wheels, bumpers, and suspension as well.
  16. Should I change Tires - Show me - JLU Sahara, No Lift

    Hey Slopeside, The Rubi take-offs look great on your rig. To what degree does it affect ride and milage? Thanks
  17. JL Specific Auto Transmission Service Details

    Hey Roaniecowpony, That's great. Thanks.
  18. JL Specific Auto Transmission Service Details

    Hey Guys, Thanks. Can you point me to any ZF documentation where they share what THEY recommend as the service interval for this transmission. I know FCA says it doesn't require service. I have Read what forum members are saying, but would like to find it in writing, so-to-speak.
  19. JL Specific Auto Transmission Service Details

    So you bought two types? How many quarts do you need?