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  1. Curvature of Upper Control Arms and Front Axle

    When he goes to a dealer for a trade in they are going to severely knock down the value by using all of this to their advantage. He will most definitely pay more in loss of value than what it would cost to repair. I would recommend OP gets new upper control arms (you can even find some used...
  2. Discounts on 392s...

    You will be lucky to see MSRP for one that is available, my best guess is the first ones on dealer lots (not sold orders) will go for an amount over MSRP, and we are still months away from that happening. I still have sold orders that are still waiting to be built in my system, and then dealer...
  3. Opinions on sky one-touch top

    I think you would like the power top. I have been considering it for my next jeep, because often it is too much of a commitment to drive topless for a multi day trip. Even deciding to take the top off is at least a weeklong commitment for me, hoping the weather will cooperate. I think it would...
  4. Another new 4xe walkaround/drive video

    Honestly this is a small thing, but as someone who has been on the fence for a while about the 4xe I am disappointed with where they placed the battery indicator. They chose to take up some of the only usable storage space on the dash, instead of placing those 5 led's somewhere else. Where else...
  5. Stone Chips at Door Hinges

    If you are OCD like me, have them repainted at a body shop and then wrapped in 3m clear vinyl. That is the cleanest solution IMO, but if you do not mind the bulky covers then there are black plastic covers that bolt over the door hinges. (I would post a link but I am not sure if that is allowed...
  6. JLUR rolls multiple times off potato salad hill

    Before someone reads this and rolls their jeep thinking they are covered... I would recommend everyone check with their own insurance agent. Not all insurance providers will cover this, it is dependent on how your policy is written.
  7. Wrangler Rubicon 392 Reviews Compilation

    I find it interesting that people are not satisfied with the price. Personally I am a car salesman (for Jeep, yes) and I have been hearing for years that cars are too expensive, yet the prices continually go up and people still purchase and afford them. IMO Jeep priced it spot on, a Eco Rubi...
  8. First Wrangler Wash - PITA

    I wash mine using a pressure washer to get most of the dirt off, making sure to get under the fenders, undercarriage, etc. Then do the typical handwash and dry, followed by wiping down the interior. All in all it usually takes me about an hour, maybe two hours if it is after a Moab trip.
  9. Falcon SP2 Mode Adjust Shocks

    I will share what I have found after having tested a variety of shocks and lifts. On my first JL I had the SP2 3.3 Adjustable shocks for the 4 door. I would drive with them in the softest setting, and found that they had a harsh "jolt" feel for any bumps at a low speed. The only time I increased...
  10. How much below MSRP for 4xe?

    I work for a dealership in Utah (the largest one) so if anyone is close to UT and would like any help feel free to PM me. I know we have a few 4XE's in our system on order, but they are not sold yet.
  11. 4xe Rubicon Weight and Off Road Performance

    If it is a Rubicon then it will have the 4:1 ratio in the transfer case, regardless of if it is Selec-Trac or Rock-Trac. From what I could find, there have been a few threads of someone knowing his buddy‘s neighbor’s best friend that might have had an issue, but there is not a lot of hard data...
  12. 4xe Rubicon Weight and Off Road Performance

    The 4xe is really appealing to me for a number of reasons beyond the better MPG's. -Tax Credit -I visit the mountains often (to ski, jeep, mtn bike, etc) and could utilize the regenerative braking. -I also commute less than 30 miles each way and have charging stations at my work My ONLY...
  13. Teraflex Alpha HD Tire Carrier Doesn't Work for 2021

    Personally I did not find this too big of a hassle when I was installing mine. I actually just let the camera dangle until the next day when I thought of using the 3m foam tape to secure the camera. I only needed a razor blade, small screwdriver and 3m tape... not too technical.
  14. Teraflex Alpha HD Tire Carrier Doesn't Work for 2021

    I installed a Teraflex Spare Tire on my new 2021 and ran into the same problem. I was able to easily secure it in the housing by surrounding the plastic camera box with 3m adhesive foam tape and that has held up great since. It sounds like OP sent his back but the reality is that ALL aftermarket...
  15. SNAZZBERRY Wrangler JL Club

    Was able to get out last weekend and get a tree!
  16. SNAZZBERRY Wrangler JL Club

    I was able to go snow wheeling this past weekend.
  17. SNAZZBERRY Wrangler JL Club

    This is correct, I was actually disappointed when I switched to leather because I lost the cup holders at the base of the center console (for the back seats) which I used often.
  18. SNAZZBERRY Wrangler JL Club

    Finally was able to get my lift and wheels/tires on this one. I am very happy with how this color turned out.
  19. SNAZZBERRY Wrangler JL Club

    Looks like mine arrived this morning. Has every option except painted hard top
  20. SNAZZBERRY Wrangler JL Club

    I have a rubi on order, should arrive tomorrow. Super exited after seeing pics of others, its a cooler color than I had thought. Will be going with a similar build to what I have now but with black accents.